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A Round Up of the Best Garage Door Openers Available Today

by:Gladman      2020-08-31

Nowadays, garage door openers have become synonymous with safety and convenience. However, not all door openers are created equal. There are those that are more superior in terms of minimal noise level generated, efficiency, and speed. Of course, the more advanced the technology employed, the higher the price tag would be. This is not to say, however, that those who have a limited budget would not be able to afford a unit that is just as efficient and convenient to use.

Another aspect of the garage door opener you might want to consider if whether or not you're capable of installing the opener yourself. Some brands are only available under professional installation. Certainly, there are lots of different types of door openers to choose from. Weighing the pros and cons will help you pick the garage door that is just right for you. Here's a roundup of the best models available today

From 150-250

First on the list is the Hormann Ecostar Electric Garage Door Opener. With a price tag of 167, this is the most budget-friendly unit on sale today. Manufactured by Hormann, the industry leader, this unit is meant for smaller doors that fall within a width of 7 ft. This door opener packs a lot of power for such a relatively cheap price. It also comes with a 2 year warranty and can be assembled in just five minutes. Next is the Hormann Promatic Electric Garage Door Opener. Apart from a far longer warranty period of five years, this model is also easy to install, is maintenance-free, and comes prepackaged with two remotes. Its 237 price tag indicates a more powerful motor driving the unit. Its powerful motor allows it to retract doors as wide as 5000 mm or almost 16.5 ft. This door opener also features a retracting speed of 14 cm/s.

From 250- 300

For those who have more money to shell out and are more discerning when it comes to technical specifications, you could start shopping within this price range. First up is the Hormann Supramatic E Electric Garage Door Opener which sells for 297. Widely touted as the most popular electric door opener in the market today, this model boasts of an opening speed of 22cm/s, which is almost 50% faster than the other models. From a different manufacturer, another model which falls within this price range is the TS75 Electric Garage Door Opener from Seip with a tag price of 297. This model features a 70 kg push and pull force and can open a garage door at a progressive acceleration rate of up to 14.5 cm per second. It also comes with a mini handset, a digital keypad, and an additional receiver kit to control even non-Seip operators, lights and automatic gates.

Indeed, a garage door opener has become more and more of a necessity for those who open and close their garage door daily. Due to this popular trend, choosing the right garage door opener to suit your budgetary requirements may just help you purchase one that is effective but won't cost you beyond your means.

Henry Baldwin is a garage door expert and a contributing author for Garage Door Superstore. He specializes in educating purchasers about the following types of garage doors: Up & Over, Roller Doors, Sectional Doors, Side Hinged, and Personnel Door. He is also an expert in the following brands: Cardale, Cedar Door, Garador, Hormann. Seceuroglide, Novoferm, Teckentrup, and Wessex. Garage door openers by Hormann and Seip are his specialty as well!

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