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A Wash And Wax For Your Garage Door

by:Gladman      2020-08-31

It is a phrase more often associated with cars, than with garage doors, but it has become an effective tool for anyone serious about maintaining the look of their garage door.

A wash and wax can do a world of good to keep your garage door looking good. But it does take some forethought to do it properly, and keep your garage door looking good.

One Hawaiian based company, Martin Garage Doors Hawaii, actually offers a 'wash and wax' as part of an annual maintenance special to select customers.

Company employees wash the garage door with a mild car wash and soft brush then wax it by hand with a liquid Teflon based Marine Wax they purchase from a boating supply store.

The company suggests the maintenance checkup is appropriate a year after the door is purchased. That's good advice for all garage door owners.

Choosing the right wax is critical, because a filmy wax can be problematic. It is important to thoroughly wash the door before applying any liquid was with a sponge or clothe.

In their instruction manuals, Martin Door Manufacturing outlines its recommendations of how to appropriate clean and maintain a garage door.

A Martin manual simply states 'automobile type cleaners and waxes may improve the look and prolong the life of aged paint or a neglected steel door.' It also notes that in some extremely damp, salty or caustic areas that frequent waxing may be required. Neglected doors may need to be repainted, so yearly maintenance can help prevent this.

Besides the wash and wax, lubricating all parts should be included in the approach to maintaining the door. More humid climates will require more regular lubrication and cleaning of the door. These are jobs the homeowner can learn to do well and easily, without having to call a repairman.

Some home improvement jobs, however, are better left to trained professionals, such as adjusting torsion springs on your door and replacing a broken lift cable on your garage door. Both of those tasks come with some inherent risks, better handled by someone trained to deal with those potential dangers.

There are over 20,000 injuries a year in the United States associated with the garage door and the garage door opener, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and there is no reason you should be one of them. Use common sense and precaution in maintaining and taking care of your garage door.

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