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About Grinding

About Grinding


After poly putty, every one of our doors in Gladman Iron Doors will be polished at a full extent to deal with the layer of poly putty which is not smooth on the surface. When the first polishing is over, anti-rust matte black premier is painted onto the surface before the second time of polish. This article is mainly about the operations and principles of the second polish.


Primer grinding machine, replacing worker when polishing, plays an effective role on increasing efficiency of production and rates of finished products, and decreasing workers burden. Due to the very thin layer of primer, say about 0.1mm, it is required not to ruin the primer. Therefore, primer grinding machine is a special one with high accuracy and significance.



1. Grinding the primer--to eliminate the unevenness on the paint and improve the smoothness as a preparation for the next procedure.

2. Grinding the thick edges--After the stacking of the plates is sprayed, thick edges appear on four sides of the board, which can be eliminated by grinding.

3. As pr-treatment for panting-- grinding before painting can eliminate the black edge.



Grinding paper is place on the grinding flake to maintain a certain degree of tension. The grinding flake rotates at required speed to drive the grinding paper. With skillful techniques, workers grind the various defects at adjustable strength and under appropriate pressure.  



1. Install the grinding paper: select the appropriate grinding paper according to the grinding process requirements, and lock the grinding paper onto the grinding flake.

2. Press the switch: start the grinding system, adjust the speed of the grinding flake to make it rotate at a constant speed.

3. Start dust removal: press the dust removal button to start the dust removal system. (Some models are controlled in parallel with the grinding flake)

4. Adjust the height of the machine: according to the thickness of the door leaf, adjust the machine to an appropriate height, and place the grinding paper on the door leaf for grinding.

5. Comprehensive adjustment for good effect: the operator should observe the actual grinding effect, adjust the speed of the grinding flake and the height of the grinding paper.



Defects 1. The finish distribution of the surface is uneven.

a. The amount of grinding is too small --- Increase the amount of grinding appropriately by increasing the worktable.

b. The grinding flake is severely worn---strongly grind or replace the grinding flake

2. There is a uniform circular texture on the painting surface.

a. The grinding paper is partially damaged--change the grinding paper.

b. Abundant dust adhesion on the grinding paper --- remove the dust or replace the grinding paper.

3. There are even and straight lines on the door leaf

a. Poor quality of grinding paper joints-- use grinding paper with a good joint.

b. The hardness of the grinding flake is uneven or non-concentric---replace the grinding flake.


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