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Accessorizing Your Doors

by:Gladman      2020-09-10

When it comes to decor, there are certainly many areas of your home that can be embellished. From front foyers to fireplaces, the opportunities are endless when it comes to accessorizing your space. But very seldom do we realize that there are opportunities to accessorize your doors as well.

Long gone are the days of simple swing doors made of wood and painted one solid colour. Exterior doors with embellished glass and gliding French doors are just some of the options available to make your entranceway a grand and memorable one.

The gliding French door can act as a beautiful barrier between your home and the outside patio, with the ability to provide amazing views of the outdoor landscape. These doors combine the traditional look of a French door with the space-saving features of a gliding patio door. Everything from the look of the glass to the type of wood and paint can be customized to match the overall decor of your home. The dimensions can range from 2-4 panels, depending on the length of your entranceway. Sliding screens can also be installed for those days when you want to leave the doors open, but keep the bugs out.

If the French door is too traditional for your tastes, then a simple sliding patio door is also a great option. A sturdy frame in the colour of your choice, coupled with clear glass, is a clean and sleek embellishment for any entranceway. Because the actual door is so simple, you can always splurge on a more elaborate and customized door handle instead.

Many homeowners opt to invest in an elaborate front door. This is the first point of entry for all guests and a chance to make a good first impression. Although the mechanics of the door may be simple (i.e. a one-slab swing design), there are many opportunities to get creative with the glass inserts. Glass panels can range from simple to intricate, with hand-carved embellishments in iron, zinc and even brass. This is when a door becomes not just a functional device -- but rather, a work of art that adds tremendous value to any home.

Storm doors are also a fantastic way to accessorize your entranceway, while also providing energy-efficiency and added security. They can open up your home to summer breezes while ensuring that your kids and pets stay indoors, due to the door's bottom-half that remains closed off. Storm doors come in a variety of trims and colours that can add instant elegance to any entry point.

When accessorizing your doors, remember there is no need to sacrifice security for style. Today's doors are not only fashionable -- but they also contain some of the latest devices to make break-ins that much more difficult. Key locks and anti-theft security bars are just some of the features that will help keep your loved ones safe.

Get advice from a reputable company that specializes in door and window treatments. This will ensure that you're getting the best glass, materials and designs available on the market today.

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