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Alice in PVCu Designed Wonderland

by:Gladman      2020-09-09

When Alice went down the rabbit hole and found herself in a magical wonderland, she entered rooms with huge furniture and where she was a very small person, or quite the opposite where Alice was huge and the room was extremely tiny.

In modern living, many of us can be forgiven for feeling the same as Alice in the very small room. House builders seem to be building houses and apartments that have rooms so tiny we feel like giants in our own homes.

It is understandable why the building trend for smaller living areas has come about. Land is a finite resource which is becoming ever more expensive. National guidelines sent down from central government to regional planning committees in local councils are ever stricter with regard to the preservation of green belt areas around towns and cities and this in turn means that developers have to squeeze every last metre of space for productive use.

These restrictions mean that house builders need to spend more time and resources into design and innovations in space saving techniques that can be used to ensure that modern living, even if restricted in space, must not impede on homeowners' standard of living.

Design features for space saving inside a building are many and varied. Slimmer furniture styles with fewer embellishments around the arms and backs of sofas and chairs mean they take up less space. Sliding doors into en suites enables shower room furniture can fit into a tiny space and kitchens can be fitted with slim white goods such as dishwashers and combined washer-dryers to save on space.

On the outside of buildings, PVCu products have made huge strides to fitting into modern building styles. PVCu sliding patio doors can easily be used instead of inward opening French doors which take up so much space from a room. This concept can be used for even better results with the modern bi-folding doors. As the name indicates, bi-folding doors can be used on a longer wall where you can bring much more light into a room by having almost the entire wall made of glass.

Bringing light into a room can be an issue for house builders who, in the pursuit of available land are being forced to build close to railway lines and commercial areas where surrounding tall buildings can restrict the amount of natural light coming into a home and where noise pollution can be an issue.

Double glazed bi-folding doors and patio doors address the light issue and help to reduce the noise levels entering living space, however triple glazing can be used in the windows to further lower the noise pollution.

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