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Aluminum alloy doors and Windows in the market has the guild regulations

by:Gladman      2020-12-21
In the Windows and doors industry has more than 20 years, from engineering to do retail, from domestic to foreign, I found that both real estate developers and ordinary customers, when choosing Windows and doors, don't how to choose, but they don't want others to see they will not choose, this let me very embarrassed, like milan kundera said, a human thinking, god laugh, say is this meaning. So Gladman window of door of door window wants to write a little choice market guild regulations, hope you can help everyone, when choosing doors and Windows, there is a certain direction. Guild regulations, you have to ask the brand, doors and Windows material not a Windows and doors, Windows and doors brand a lot of people say this is broken bridge don't you? You don't is this wood? This is the phoenix aluminum don't you? It's like you to go to the mobile phone market, says this is plastic mobile phone don't you? This is stainless steel mobile phone don't you? Is this your ceramic is not the same as the mobile phone make people speechless. Divided into aluminum alloy doors and Windows on the material, plastic, aluminum wood, wood and stainless steel and copper, etc. But the material does not represent the Windows and doors brand and quality, just as you cannot do classification, one has to give a person cannot get doors and Windows material classification. You will say when greeting a person on the way, how are you, the yellow race? So you in to the selected Windows and doors, it is best to look at the Windows and doors brand, if there is no brand, store just written material, so congratulations you, you come across a street doors and Windows of stores, you also don't ask what, budget for him, do you want 300 pieces of a square, or 2000 piece of sealing a balcony, he can do. Ranks second, you can abandon you, but don't make a fuss, and have a good cheap is a lot of customers ask, you this much money a square window, heard 23000 will scream too expensive and fling away, or with a stuffy don't say, wait for the solution and price out alarm is too expensive angrily out of the contract. First of all, the Windows and doors brand system, chooses import hardware accessories and many standard process is for a 23000 a square. But also like the computer, have expensive name-brand computer, but also has made a similar performance but prices are much cheaper compatibles, doors and Windows as custom products, can also according to the budget, to achieve customer needs the price of the product, at the same time, ensure the quality. So after ask the brand and the price about, don't get excited, tell the seller own actual budget and performance requirements, the general factory store, basic can according to budget to make good products, if the dealership, may will be a little difficult, but as long as keep calm, clear need, also can be in around half of the price, do it the right product. The indiscriminate is cut in half price, finally got the products, in addition to appearance, may the kernel has not completely original. Guild regulations three, free package installed, sellers may not be a proper Windows and doors, Windows and doors to customize products, three products, 7 minutes of installation, in more than 10 years of industry experience, to perfect product installation, and the performance of the doors and Windows are reflected the installation of the master, to be paid will not be less than door to 15% of the total price, the smaller the area, the greater the proportion. China particularly complex wall type, installation conditions, a good installation services in the proportion of the whole order and is far higher than 15%, I can say, even under the condition of some special installation, the installation can be accounted for half of the proportion. So do you want your products doors and Windows, new May Day, can have no after-sale, can not leak, not deformation, not sinking, no crack, not tight, not loose, can like to know you over time more soft and smooth, please be sure to focus on the installation. Not package installation must be bad, but if you encounter a dare not boast their installation service with the customers, and even to stand a hid the installation to the merchants in the products, so products are generally not zha drops. The more upscale hotel hotel, service charges are additional calculation, and will not be less than 15%, say is this truth. Laws of the above three, does not involve product information, do not speak technology and cutting-edge technology, as long as you pay attention to the three guild regulations when choosing Windows and doors, so I'm sure, buy the doors and Windows products, will not be bad to where go to, with the guild regulations, if anything, even to spend more money, also not good. * Gladman Windows sharing is here today, feel good, this article will point a praise bai ~ * if you have any questions or window shop management problems are welcome to consult. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gladman doors and Windows aluminum Windows and doors factory in guangdong foshan, fast delivery time 2 days WeChat telephone: 18605024178 net station: gladmanirondoors. com展厅:东部QianPu路斯明区中国福建厦门
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