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Aluminum Windows at The Core of it All

by:Gladman      2020-09-04

It is great to see all your smiling faces back again! Sure, we can't really see your faces, or really know that you are there at all; but if you are reading this, then we assume you do exist, as should you. We also assume you are looking to broaden your grasp on the intricacies of aluminum windows, vinyl windows, patio doors, and or storm doors. If these assumptions are fair and correct, then welcome! If they are not fair and correct, welcome as well. We have been doing our best to cover everything known to man about the inside and outside of the replacement window manufacturing industry, and we think we're doing a pretty good job at it so far.

We have covered and plumbed the vast expanses of window manufacturing knowledge, and we are only now just finishing up with the letter c in our chronological expedition into the heart of the window manufacturing world. Last month we covered convection, conduction, condensation and a host of other very important terms beginning with the letter c. Along the way, we explored how these terms interact and interplay with the ever-important issue of energy efficiency. To sum up that whole realm of discussion; condensation, conduction, convection, and just about every other term beginning with the letter c has an important relation to the energy efficiency picture. The same can be said for just about any letter of the alphabet: so without further ado, we give you the letter 'd,' our next area of focus. This letter has a lot in store for the window manufacturing world. We are on a course to gain much from a thorough look at this letter and its associated terms. The vinyl window and aluminum window manufacturing industry couldn't do without it... and neither could we. Next week we'll dive right in with our first term. See you then. In our most recent look at window manufacturing terminology, we found the course of our studies and investigations colliding into one mega-term. We had been talking about conduction, convection, and condensation; and the way that these three terms related to the vinyl window, aluminum windows, and patio door manufacturing industry. The term that brought it all home was CRF, standing for Condensation Resistance Factor. This measure is a standardized quality rating describing a window's ability to do just as the name implies, resist condensation. This is something that every window should perform well in if you hope maintain an energy efficient home environment.

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