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Changing Tips for Your Kitchen

by:Gladman      2020-09-09

Silly, not at all. You may be the only voices crying in the wilderness decrying the current trend toward all-in-one open kitchen/dining rooms. You have nothing against good, old-fashioned eat-in kitchen, of course, but you shouldn't have to give up the pleasures of a separate, more gracious dining room.

And you do need rituals to help find your place in the family, the work force, the world beyond. Moreover, dining is all about pleasure, about nourishment for the soul and psyche, as well as the body. Therefore, the dining place should be special, a place just a bit apart that is inviting, comfortable and comforting, and conducive to good conversations, ergo relationships.

What to do if you don't have such a place apart? Pretend. Even if it's just a run-on of the kitchen, you can make your dining area feel special. This photo has a generous handful of helpful ideas, starting from the floor up. That classic black-and-white check claims the space dramatically for the dining table chairs arrangement. The armless chairs themselves put on slightly formal airs with their blue-and-white upholstery and long, graceful skirts.

Also helpful in achieving a separate identity for the dining area: the wall of French doors, hanging chandelier and, of course, the dividing cabinet that holds audio gear (for music-to-dine-by).

You have this darling old farmhouse, a little half-acre of country at the edge of suburbia. Everything about it is charming except the kitchen - it's dark and cramped with doors going off in all directions so there's not enough wall space anywhere.

You have pretty much done the rest of the house over, but you have been putting the kitchen off. You need some advice?

Sounds as if you may need to move some walls around to eliminate a few door openings and gain wall space. Just be warned: Moving walls is no job for the timid - or the amateur.

Consult a competent kitchen designer, a professional who knows when you can fool with load-bearing walls and when you can't. A good kitchen designer also knows his/ her way around more cosmetic renovations.

Also worth noting: With the clean sweep of the old wood floors, the simplicity of the bead boarding on the (cabinets' sides, and the windows left uncovered, the better to let in all the daylight possible.

You found a wonderful piece of stained glass at a garage sale last summer, but you don't really know what to do with it. You live in an apartment, so you can't put it in any of the windows.

Of course, you can: have the glass framed, if it's not already, and hang it right over any window so the light shines through. You might also hang it over a mantel or important piece of furniture; out from the wall just enough to mount an art light so it shines down behind the glass.

You can also have stained glass hung low from a bedroom ceiling so it emulates a headboard, mounted over a glass transom as if it were always there, even hung on velvet ropes as a king of room divider in a doorway, say, or at one end of the sofa.

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