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Choose between French door & Air Tight Doors for Your Home

by:Gladman      2020-09-09

Doors are an important part of the overall architecture of your home and come in different varieties like French doors, air tight doors, balcony doors and aluminum doors. The kind of door you choose depends upon the location or room that you are planning to renovate or redo. With the right placement of windows and doors in your living space you can create the dream house you always wanted. French doors are also popularly known as French windows and are mostly famous because of their romantic appeal. French doors or windows mostly have huge floor to ceiling panels, that are mostly fitted with glass or other see through material that give a proper and scenic view of the outdoors. French doors actually come in the category of windows but because of their floor to ceiling panels they also give the appearance of doors.

These French windows usually work best as patio or balcony doors because there glass paneling perfectly displays the beautiful and scenic outdoor surroundings. These French doors are a rage amongst those who love designer interior dcor as they deliver an exquisite style statement, with their enormous size providing you a great view without even stepping out of your door. These French windows are also used to separate the outdoor and indoor spaces. For example, you can use sliding French windows to separate your balcony from your bedroom, without losing out on the beautiful view, as the glass paneling in the French doors allow you to keep enjoying the view even when you are sitting inside. Apart from making great balcony doors, French windows are also available in different varieties, the most commonly known ones are sliding, custom and glass. These windows if installed in a proper manner can give your home aesthetic appeal and produce a dynamic effect in otherwise bland surroundings.

French windows are great for artistic decoration purposes, but they might not be very safe because of their glass paneling. Therefore, for people who are more concerned about safe surroundings, these doors may not hold a lot of appeal. However, window experts like Fenesta, have a huge range of air tight doors and aluminum doors that are designed and created with the purpose of providing a protection shield from not just unsavory elements of the society but also from the harsh weather conditions of your locality. Air tight doors are mostly made of steel and aluminum so as to make them completely air proof.

These aluminum doors show great resistance against heat and have the ability to deal with the most difficult conditions and temperatures. Because of their air tight quality they serve as great thermal insulators and do not let outside temperature affect the inside temperature of the room. Which means that no matter how hot or cold is the temperature outside your home ,it will not be affect the interior as it will be protected from the weather conditions with the help of these air tight doors.

Give moments thought as to what your home needs and then give it the protection of these air tight doors or go for the artistic appeal of French doors.

Fenesta is the window expert of India specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and service of French door. Fenesta brings balcony doors that opens inwards and outwards with the help of a slash that is fixed on outer frame.

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