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Commercial Fence Gates

by:Gladman      2020-08-31

If you are talking about commercial property, there is a tremendous need to have fence gates installed that complement the overall fencing solution well. Gates have always been of paramount importance where they serve in deciding the value and magnificence of your property, and in providing better security. We - at Total Fence Inc., a leading fence company in Toronto - understand this where we design and manufacture a wide variety of gates to enhance the security and the look of your property. A variety of different style gate options that we cover include garden, security, custom entry features, cantilever gates, industrial swing ,barrier arm,iron gates, etc.

We offer a range of manual or automated fence gates for commercial applications, providing them in different styles whether it is conventional wooden style or modern-day steel designs. We bring so much variety in it in terms of dimensions and designs that you will hardly take time to find the best one for your property. The planning part is what we emphasize first. Our expert installers study your site to provide you with advice regarding what gate installation will serve your needs. If you need a fence beside fence gates, we can provide you with a matching one, where they together will add to the security and beauty of your place. We make things clear about tentative cost estimates and project completion time. With our execution part, we make sure to install gates of highest possible standard. We have always believed in offering the best service, which we provide at any cost.

Where our fence gates are capable enough of providing security around your premises, we also provide the choice to upgrade the security by adding security toppings or fence spikes. We carry out the designing and manufacturing part in-house where we give you a variety of design styles to choose from with the availability of standard options. We provide four varieties here including single/double leaf, sliding or swing. They bring with them key lock for increased security, where the option for gate automation is also available.

Metal security gates are apt for commercial applications, where we bring in a wide range of styles offering security for pedestrian or vehicle access. Varieties are similar over here that cover manual gates, automated, sliding or tracked gates, and single or double leaf gates. If unauthorized entry to your property is what you want to prevent and if there is a security fence already installed at your place, metal gate is what you should consider for complete security. Choosing a metal gate is not an easy job; this is where we help you by recommending the best option for your property. We consider the width of the gate first in context to fit the gate and what vehicle will go through it. The heaviness of the gate relies on the width of the gap; wider the gap, the heavier it will need to be.

Different types of fence gates go well for different applications. Swing gates are suitable for the small entrance gaps or where there is insufficient space available. Sliding gates, on the other hand, are good where they take limited space; however, running the gate back when opening will require the same width of your gate to clear on that side. Thus, whatever your need is, we will study it, and make sure to provide you with the exact kind of fence gate or fences in Toronto you are looking for your commercial property.

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