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Converting Your Screen Porch Into a Sunroom

by:Gladman      2020-09-09

A sunroom can be an inviting, warm, and useful addition to your home. Converting an already existing screen porch into a sunroom which you can utilize year round is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create more livable space in your home while increasing your home's value. Professional Remodeling Group in Fairfax, Virginia is an expert in this process and has been doing it for many years.

Keep in mind that although construction on your home is a daunting idea, a covered porch is already partially on its way to being a full-fledged sunroom. The first consideration to make, is that any type of construction may need a permit from your city's building department. Depending on the design of your sunroom including lighting, plumbing, and ventilation. Professional Remodeling Group will have to check with your city's building department to find out what type of permits are needed to create your sunroom, and will complete all the necessary inspections.

Once permits are in place, it is crucial to thoroughly check the already existing porch for any insect, weather, or rotting damage. This is especially important for raised porches, as the foundation of your porch must be strong in order to build on top of it and create a livable space. If damage is found, don't worry. Simply ensure that this damage is repaired before any construction can begin on top of the already existing structure.

The next consideration to make is regarding the design of your sunroom. Depending on the outside finish of your home, you may need to consider removing the exterior and replacing it with drywall, or leaving it expose if the vision of your sunroom allows for this. For example, vinyl siding on a house will have to be removed and replaced with drywall, while brick or stone can be left exposed to add character to the inside of the new sunroom.

Finally, depending on the design you have chosen a budget must be put in place. One of the greatest costs of a sunroom are the windows chosen since a sunroom is composed mainly of windows. It is important to consider energy efficiency if you would like the sunroom to be useable for four seasons, although this may incur a greater cost initially. Energy efficient windows are also important because it is often difficult to extend ventilation from the interior of the home into a sunroom which means the room may be dependant on retaining heat during the cold months and keeping heat out during the warmer months.

You may also want to choose a door between the rest of the house and the sunroom. Some options include French doors, sliding doors, or an insulated metal door. Remember that it is easier to install this door during the conversion of your porch into a sunroom rather than later on.

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