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Cookware Storage - Keeping Cookwares Organized

by:Gladman      2020-09-11

Pots and pans are the bulkiest pieces of tools in your kitchen. Storing them in an organized manner for easy access is a must in any kitchen. When you are busy preparing a meal, having your cookware within your reach will spare you from unnecessary stress. Trying to pull a pot or a pan piled one on top of another can be frustrating. Luckily, you now have some great options for storing your pots and pans.

Your choice of storage will depend on the number and sizes of cookware pieces that you have. If you really love to cook and have some great and expensive pieces in your kitchen, naturally, you'll need more storage, and you'll want your cookware stored safely.

One of the most common ways of keeping your cookware organized is with a hanging cookware rack. It is not just for pots and pans; you can also hang cooking spoons, colanders, etc., on it. Cookware racks come in different designs to suit your taste and need. You can easily choose from some of those really stylish designs to suit your kitchen's theme. It is also available in chrome, satin nickel, wrought iron, wood, and stainless steel. The advantage of racks over other forms of cookware storage is that they don't occupy extra space in your kitchen. You can readily place ceiling racks above your worktable or wall racks in areas where you can easily reach it.

A cookware stand is an upright, three-legged and multi-tiered apparatus for keeping your pots and pans. Like a cookware rack, it is also available in various designs and materials...bronze, chrome, satin copper, satin nickel, cast iron, graphite. There are 3-tier, 6-tier and 8-tier cookware stands. Stands take up some space in your kitchen and you may need to have more than one if you have several cookware pieces, or keep those you seldom use in a cabinet.

Of course, there's the good old cabinet. The trick for using the cabinet for storing pots and pans is to keep the inside walls in white. If it is a wooden cabinet, paint it white. If you want to use a cabinet underneath your work area, which is cemented, use white tiles in all the inside surfaces. It is better to use pull out stainless steel racks that slide like a drawer instead of fixed shelves inside cabinets. Stainless steel is best because it won't corrode. For overhead cabinets, you can just put hooks on its walls or doors. My friend's cookware cabinet has glass panels on the door, that way it is not so dark inside. The major downside of cabinets is the considerable space in the kitchen that they take up.

You may also opt to use a combination of the various storage methods. You can place your most used pots and pans in a rack or a stand, and keep the rest in a cabinet. Just remember to dry any cookware piece that you store in the cabinet.

Whatever way you choose to organize your kitchen wares, what is essential is that it makes kitchen work flow smoothly.

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