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Crittall Replacement And Local Planning Authorities

by:Gladman      2020-09-09

Planning authorities with buildings that have art-deco crittall windows from the 1930's would ideally like their residents to replace their windows with new steel crittall windows. Windows in these blocks are now nearing the point where repair work is no longer viable and so a suitable replacement needs to be found.

Double glazed steel versions are available but local planning authorities are beginning to realise that flat owners are unable to afford installing them, not least because they are a bad investment.

The answer is an affordable crittall replacement as they are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. The only other option until recently was the aluminium window and they did not satisfy the original.

However the Duration Heritage Aluminium Crittall Replacement Window does, as it looks very similar to the original windows. It has butt hinges, Georgian astragal bars, and modern secure and sleek locks, a thermal break and with glass technology allows a 'U'-value of less than 1.6 to be easily achieved. Local authorities in Letchworth, Westminster have already accepted this product in recent planning applications.

In Blackheath, the Blackheath Conservation Society is enthusiastic about the prospect of You Choose implementing this window into a large block at the entrance to the village, a landmark feature, which has original crittall windows.

One of the great benefits to this window is that it blends in well with the originals, so even if all the residents in a block do not change their windows straightaway, at least the look of the building is preserved. At Emerson Court in Wimbledon, You Choose won the contract to install these windows in a block of 32 flats in 2010. Our contract has been renewed for 2011 and we have already installed windows and French doors in half of the flats.

Local Planning authorities are beginning to realise the benefits of crittall replacement, confident in their pricing and investment potential. The new windows are superior in both look and security and residents are pleased with the reduction in the cost of their bills.

As these replacement windows become more sought after, Local Planning authorities across the country will soon find the Duration Heritage window a suitable replacement for original crittall windows in disrepair.

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