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Custom Shower Enclosures Are The Newest Trend

by:Gladman      2020-09-03

Custom shower enclosures is a top request in new homes being build today. New homebuilders are seeing more and more individuals request the compact shower cubicles in their future homes. This custom enclosure enhances the look of the bathroom, while offering privacy and comfort in a small space. Shower doors that are made of glass are available in folding and sliding styles. Homeowners who are choosing to remodel the bathroom are also going with the glass doors to replace the traditional shower curtains.

Glass shower doors are made of different types of materials ranging from aluminum, plexi-glass, plastic and foam. Aluminum and plastic are typically the cheapest that are offered, they are durability and water-resistance. They are not the most appealing in style or design, but they are indestructible to weathering and corrosion. A problem with this style is the collection of mold and mildew in the frame area.

Plexi-glass, clear glass, fibre glass, and smart glass are slightly more expensive to the aluminum option. Frameless shower doors made of glass brings a rich and posh look to shower stalls, while proving to be as durable as the cheap alternative. Smart glass offers privacy in a frameless shower by changing its optical transmission when a current passes through. In simpler terms the glass can switch from opaque to transparent to translucent and vice-versa with the push of a button.

With the smart glass feature being new to the homebuilder and in greater demand the price is quite expensive. Various technologies are used in the smart glass, including liquid crystal devices (LCD) and electro-chromic materials. Micro-blinds are also becoming a trend. They are extremely tiny flaps built into glass that rotate or change direction when a current is applied. They are packed closely and have the same effect as normal mini-blinds.

Custom shower enclosures do make a statement of style in any home. There are many options of doors available all over the world. The simplicity of cleaning with body soap and water makes the choice that much more appealing. The frameless enclosure does not have any type of metal frame or parts that allows water to collect and sit to cause mold and mildew. If you are looking to build a new home or currently considering remodeling your existing homes bathroom stop by your local glass company and see the options that are available. Just remember your bathroom will be the center of attention at your next home gathering.

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