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Espite FuChengMen Winter View Remembered

by:Gladman      2020-09-14

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Folk icy winter in Beijing, the crazy roar, sound, DiShuiChengBing, earth cracking.Pupils for freezing hands, solution don't open belt and urine ShuJianBuXian pants phenomenon;Dress don't cloth body, feed without charging fell down the street to the poor intestinal his mind's eye, everywhere and a MuBuRenDu.The saying goes 'deadly winter or three months to civilians,' concerned, indeed no exaggeration to suspicion.

Coal, age of Beijing endure winter or three months this treasure.Thousands of clothing, rather than a diet shrinkage will have 'dumb daddy' jokingly fill belly stove.Then, the size of the jingxi open in coal, coal mines and stack the also 'business is thriving financial great-hearted; of; lush sanjiang'And known as the 'coal door,' said the FuChengMen, it then presents a bustling scene.

FuChengMen is within the old Beijing south, yuan walls west door, meaning is lennon-mccartney flat for stability and the door of justice.But according to legend, nearby residents are often emperor imperial edicts, so it has 'scare was' said. The doorMingZhengTong reign (1436 years), the Pope to invoke the inner city nine door built towers, lasted four years, oracle will flat completion edict was renamed FuChengMen is door.Exam 'no.8 fucheng' person, language, a book ZhouGuan ':' six qing points, the rate of position, with the ChengZhaoMin advocating nine animal husbandry, imagine what.'This festival meaning is great achievements (achievement), to 'drop DE in the trillion people' (' ritual 'language), the projects.

Ancient building or rebuild the gate at the beginning, when make a head of the construction on buildings left mark (or 'door badge'), describedas the engineering quality is responsible, collapsed, shall be investigated according to mark once, never had.For example, the grand canal to tongzhou ChaoYangMen, is the only CaoLiang performers, therefore, in its doorways left wall, which are carved stone heads a documentary, is known as the 'sunrise seed-heads,' don't called 'food door;Leads to the FuChengMen, is vallely west in the land for such as the main entrance of the inner city of coal in the doorway, so WengCheng Mosaic stone carvings plum flower left wall with volunteers, call 'no.8 fucheng plum flower', cover from mei, coal harmonics of Italy, is not alone, artful halftone, nickname is yue 'coal door'.

The winter FuChengMen, appear lonely and rooted in DuanBiTuiYuan inside the -- ChouChun ziziphi trees and trees, only decaying branches, be ruthless wind shake the foundations, sing, like the bitter issued in honor the fading eventful days.Perched on the GuYan towers, has moved to the south, left many empty nests, meditation waiting for next year summer brilliant.Day and night, has the bats himself, his winter in the rafter forecasted.the lie in the gaps between the CaiYao collect them, let the 'summer accumulated in nest retard-ing sand' (also called 'FuYi excrement').According to compendium of materia medica records, this kind of been black granular bat shit for eye medicine, can cure cataract and nyctalopia disease. Such ordersBut the 'overlord' towers - gray 'floor pigeons' (wild pigeons), not from time to time HanQiao, they rushed out of the tower, flying in the sky, and the north wind blow, and mocked combat wanders snowflakes, and of overlook xishan remote set each other off for lonely FuChengMen with, smooth added a few minutes of life and fascinating wind-induced.When the YiXing wanes back then, after the nest plays a tactful beautiful love music - but see information splendiferous hint, the pigeons and send out acclaims goo goo 'son' - son whimper.And the young pigeons, soon emerged is not hunger or cold, a monkey, chattering with pity.As the saying goes: 'rather eat, don't eat beasts birds a half jins of'.Perched on) in fuchenmen towers of wild pigeon, foot more than 1,000 only (for the camels feed can collect LiaoDouEr, so FuCou unceasingly), face within reach of the game, old Peking man always nonchalance unconcerned, whether it is buddhist 'all living beings', or inherently a virtue, quite thought-through.

The winter FuChengMen, the rich connotations in the landscape poetry for livelihood 'camel the household' and the pull of camels.When jehu the camel, mostly the jingxi men-tou vallely wineries, each well-built and villagers PiaoHou good go, temperament and irritable.They have with the camels, and the 'peak' and 'six counts,' peak (i.e. six) for a small, eight peaks for a bundle.Little criterion raising five or six peak, too much is SanSiBa.Each peak value, so there are two hundred dollar because thin and have only half GuDeEr the person, pull into the city to once meet with big of camels, total unavoidable feel small.

The qing dynasty emperor guangxu, the city before all department mongols camel to the imperial brought tribute, when the job of burdensome thing already completed now, hence the house '(in' the qing dynasty, Mongolian and Tibetan chancellor and rich when pilgrimage emperor, hotel located in stability in situ the door) to sell.After the revolution of 1911, the old Beijing camel 'gong trek is required to reach of jehu, experienced difficulty of choose and buy step by step back to Beijing.Purchased camels, whether male and female are Shan, therefore has the mercy and hear people can tame.This monster although docile, but most avoid is beaten, a but beaten will never be forgotten, its revenge way is to use a mouth spray.Camel households in view of this, it was love.

Camels with infinite strength all will carry your.WuLiuBaiJin upon the weight in between two peaks, tailgate master do dozens and leisurely self-congratulation.Especially the person hurt by its back is: to the goods, just listen to host 'thiazide' the sound password (Mongolian, namely sat down), then lie in underground, and then a cry, 'Jiu' (Mongolian, namely up), then carry weight arose and do it.

The old Beijing each judgment hall, palace, icac, large house iron and silver furnace room, ZaoTangZi, rice, zhuangzi, purchased vallely YingMei, all of the kiln pair of households to transport hiring.Winter, daily XiWei, the size of the dawn FuChengMen camels are, and then into the city from the three cities scattered in six street.The pair of all households dressed son, are mostly wore don't hang noodles son old one sheepskin coat, head wear bronze-colored felt hat, two ears sound wearing the ears of the MaoEr hides, put a pair of feet head 'kick the dead ox' Mongolian leather boots, hold out a bosom fold belly, giant meteor, using somewhat prince of YingYang abahai manhood.The qing dynasty, designed for the royal send the camel households, the franchise coal in saddle LongQi put on one side, waltzes apricot yellow triangle pulled dozens of zhangs long camels, wear street lane, beverages;Ordinary people see it, the place wince.

In the FuChengMen frequent much-praised conclusion camels, diluted the winter, the atmosphere when fluttered in the old weather-beaten tower to DianRan shia, spirited.These so-called 'ships of the desert' cattle, DiaoBai, bumpy along the vegetation unpaved strutting and progression, silently BiNi between the heaven and earth, FengDaoShuangJian, snow defying completely pits the firmament.The XiongWei TuoQun towers and winding with antique the walls of the combined into a picture together, these ciassic, grand and gold picture.

According to the custom of the ancestral, walk in the queue last that camel in its neck, must tie a iron bell, in case its a solitary wild goose.Camel households are please blacksmith because the bell and casting of copper, lead and tin with different, so that the proportion of different hair voice also with another confusion, lest.The ding ding dany surged transmitted by the TuoLingSheng scone, ethereal and clear, the impact on the towering askew, it will be matched with bells ringing tone of the TuoQun eaves, the slow pace with distinct sets.The heat from the camel body sends out the LengQiao, adhere to the time, a thick ice crystals in tieling, became a feel capable of as bitter winter with the power of devastation.

The FuChengMen WengCheng, the size of the coal MeiZhaZi strewn at random meantime, sell stack, charcoal and coal MoZi.DingXing sunspots popularly known as 'the wave' workers, regardless of coal ball stood chop 'coal Jane son', or squat down wave 'flowerpot' (use flowerpot support sieve of thorns sieve, is DingXing who invented wave briquettes advanced method), every action coordination and graceful, rhythm and lively, quite a dance is a picture of the charm, unique landscape painting.

WengCheng talks shop at the north of the 'two' (Beijing dialect, a simple small restaurant), is DingXing sunspots elihu and 'ok' paradise.Every day they revolve around a 'coal' word 'yan son don't spend eggs,' when the son of a hard-earned money, waist can be swagger ground walk into two blue shop, to 22 'burn a knife,' a HaiWan warm 'rotten meat face', lun opened SaiBangZi enjoy theorizes, suddenly four neck sweating, BaoGeEr played ShanXiang -- for toiling masses, it can have this some tasty 'son, is fun.

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