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Everything You Wanted to Know About Residential

by:Gladman      2020-09-11

With the increasing incidences of theft, vandalism, burglary etc many homeowners are striving to enhance the security of their property. Understanding the needs current market is offering wide range of security doors that resist against attempts of forced intrusion and provide other benefits. Evident changes in these doors from that of simple ones are noticed in the area of locking, door material and operations. These are popularly used at entry points to house but sometimes could also be used in additional entry access through interiors. Aside from the tough features the doors also maintain aesthetically sense by coming in variety of colors, patterns and appearance that would suit the house exteriors. This article would detail you about features, types and options of these safety doors.

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Residential door options

If you check the current market you will find the most efficient materials to make these doors are wrought iron, fiberglass or steel. For homeowners that are seeking a door that is economical and easy to maintain the fiberglass option is considered appropriate. Certain manufactures offer a blend of this material with steel to provide the door with added strength and resistance against intrusion. The most ideal ones that provide all necessary features of security are steel or metal door. This provides best security in all options and the door makers offer them in variety of finishes as well as designs. These also enable high standard locking system that provides additional security. Wrought irons ones produced by ironmongery are also elegant as well as ideal for residential use.

Special features

Photo credit: Britannia metador

These advanced security products come with a wide range of feature options that could be selected according to requirement. If you desire to protect your family members from dangers of fires you can go for security fire rated doors. These are known to resist the fire for longer time and provide opportunity to escape. If you reside in area that experiences heavy storms or tornado you can find weather resistant doors in this category, that defies the wind flow and extend security. Apart from these door options you can also add technical features to the products such as fire alarm, motion sensor for automatic opening or closing, point surveillance system, additional locking bars or systems and many more.


Several people consider that these products especially the metal doors are overlooked in aesthetics and give a mundane appearance to the house. But the latest offerings convey modern trend and come with gorgeous facade. This could be achieved through different finishes, single or double paneling of door, shaping of tops and so on. The latest doors made for security come with eye catching arched tops, cathedral designed tops and odd shapes.

If you want to buy the safety in budget you can easily find cheaper options in these security doors.

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