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Guanajuato Real Estate

by:Gladman      2020-09-14

Guanajuato Real Estate has a variety of property choices in a variety of terrains. From San Miguel de Allende with colonial architecture set in the valley and neighborhoods high overlooking the Centro and Jardin, to Guanajuato City with tunnels in the base of mountains for driving, parking and winding through this colorful college town, to yet another magical place of Mineral de Pozos with its ruins, mountains, big sky and historic silver and gold mines. The latter called 'Pozos' for short, is by far the most authentic of the towns with the most room for growth. One of the biggest and richest mining communities at the turn of the 20th century to the now quaint and undisturbed people rooted in old Mexican traditions and a quiet family life.

All of these towns possess the riveting colonial elements that capture the hearts of many internationals. The warm colors, the massive cant era door frames and window frames, the elaborate door-knockers hand-made by iron worker craftsmen, the same iron work on balconies and outdoor windows, the rows and rows of planted terra cotta pots, the colorful antique mesquite and pine doors, and so much more. Truly, A collage of artistic expression at every turn. No wonder San Miguel, Guanajuato, Mineral de Pozos have all become international homes to writers, sculptors, painters, photographers, musicians and architects.

So looking at and/or buying Guanajuato real estate can and does become a past-time of sorts and another venue for artistic endeavors for the international community. San Miguel has been rated in the top ten places in the world to live and retire and is a big draw for the entire Guanajuato area. Many choose san Miguel because the 'things to do' roster is plentiful and the social calendar will never be empty. For those that want access to this but prefer a quieter more contemplative environment, Mineral de Pozos is just 45 minutes away and the colonial vibe exists without all the traffic and weekend tourists. Guanajuato has the night life, the youth, the laid-back colonial spirit that reminds me of towns in northern Italy.

This state in Mexico, centrally located and in the mountains, bring the perfect climate...cool nights and warm days and almost always sunshine. I also just read that living in higher altitudes can reduce the instance of heart disease and reduce high blood pressure. I would say too, that living here is a huge improvement in the quality of life. Something about the antique surroundings and the lively, friendly Mexican ways, just improve anybody's disposition. It does not hurt either, to have much smaller grocery bills with fresh fruit and veggies on every block. Insurance, property taxes, and dining out are wildly less expensive than the US, Canada, and Europe....

Lastly, there are other cities like Silao, Leon and Salamanca which are all abuzz with manufacturing in shoes, furniture, and namely the car industries. Companies like Pirelli, Audi, VW, Mazda have found their new manufacturing here with less labor costs, and cheaper shipping to their main markets of USA, Canada and South America. So it is only natural that the executives are branching out from their plants and renting and buying Guanajuato real estate in the more colonial towns mentioned above. It is said that this area of Mexico will be exploding in growth over the next five years. This is a very positive development for the real estate market in Central Mexico, Guanajuato

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