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How to Choose Your Door?

How to Choose Your Door?


Iron doors, a sort of constructive decoration style, appeared in the 1700s when Baroque architectural style prevailed, its design developing along with European architectural decoration art, forming a simple and elegant style and glorious history, which has passed down till today.

Surface treatment: We conduct hot-dip galvanizing and anti-rust treatment on each product. The paint can be sprayed, baked, and other treatments. Our paint experience can make the surface paint not fade in years to come. Combining the practicality and artistry of the products, we are committed to be precise and unmistakable, so that every product is extraordinary.

Painting, the later process of fabricating a door, directly affect the use experience of it.

What are the tips for choosing a door?

Four Looks and One Hear. That is look the surface, certificates, materials and craftsmanship, and hear the knocking sound. The surface should be smooth and painted evenly; the certificates includes one indicator: the amount of toxic substances that can clearly show whether a factory is qualified to produce such a door; materials determine the whole performance of the door-- the better quality, the better performance; craftsmanship depends on the details of the door like specifications and small gaps. A qualified door sounds even and dull, otherwise it is not thick enough or something missing.

Here we go to the skills on doors selection:

1. Styles matching. All that we do is to decorate your home warm and comfortable, so the first thing taken into consideration should be the matching between the doors and the style of your home. Simple decor matches simple style; bright decor matches elegant style; anyway, the more closer the two styles, the better the effect.

2. Color selecting. After decorating your home, the main tone of the decoration is basically set. At this time, what you should do is to find the doors whose colors match the tone to the largest extent. The color can be close to the color of wall, floor or furniture.

3. Surface feeling. End customers have no chance to follow through the whole process of the production, so the only check way for them is to touch and see the surface of the door. A door with premium craftsmanship is flat from the most top to the bottom, and felt smooth when touched. It is request that the frames, the panels and the corners is unscratched.

4. Certificates. A manufacturer with good reputation usually provides qualified quality and service systems which can be obviously illustrated by the Quality Inspection Certificate                                                                                                  


In short, doors selecting will be highly-efficient once adopt the tips above and they will drag you out the traps which the businessmen set for you.

If you need a door, don’t forget Gladman is a good choice!

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