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Important Things You Should Know About Bifold Doors

by:Gladman      2021-03-04

Bifold doors are costly but well value the investment if you are considering renovations. Your home opens up to the garden and makes a remarkable aesthetic when these doors are installed. It pays to exercise caution and care in a selection of the door and consider many factors.

Price is not everything

The affordable is not the best and the most costly also is not necessarily the best. A Bifold door is just panels put combine, it is a full system where design, engineering precision and choice of hardware plays a vital in the doors performance and looks just as much as the bifold door installation does. Buying a famous international brand with domestic support is a best choice.

Material of door

Bifolds can have steel, wood, aluminium or uPVC section frames. Wood can obstruct the view and be heavy. uPVC material can flex and distort which will have affect on the functioning of the door and there is a size restriction as well. Steel can be heavy. Aluminum is the top stuff for sections. It is quite stable and does not tend to distort with temperature variations. 

Bottom rolling or top hung?

Bifold doors are accessible as top bottom or hung rolling types. It is powerful enough beam is present then the top hung type is best because it does not collect debris and leaves and the frame conceals the mechanisms from view.

Installation and hardware

Hardware is complex with bifold doors and must be precision engineered from standard materials besides being fitted just right during installation. Bad alignment can affect performance and cause worry on frames besides making the door hard to close and open. Standard systems have wheels that run on flat tracks and pivoted end doors for perfect movement even when the jamb does not permit much adjustment.

Bifold door installation with Gladman Iron doors is vital too when it comes to getting the threshold right to stop rain seepage and yet making a perfect transition that does not cause one to stub ones toes. Rain penetration is a vital matter mainly if the door is exposed. This is where the expertise of installer comes into play to offer a rightly rebated rain-proof threshold. Security is another thing to consider in the matter of bifold door hardware and a typical safe door would have multipoint locking system with shoot bolt for intermediate panels.

Double or single glazing

Energy conservation is vital as double glazing is advised. It will also offer some degree of acoustic insulation. Standard producers offer U-values of 1.8w/sqmk or lower for such power efficient bifold doors.


There are times when one may want an unobstructed view and there are times when on may want to shut out the light. Curtains are best but can impede the view. Venetian blinds that roll up all the way to the top may be perfect. If you pick a double glazed door then the blinds may be incorporated into the panels but at the price of impeding the view. It is excellent to coordinate with the installer and clear this point as well as before ordering a bifold door.


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