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Millennium Communist- Held

by:Gladman      2020-09-13

Nov. 1, 2007, Beijing, south hengjie nearby xuannan cultural hutong area can still see old and delicate gatepost couplet.

South central, it is located in xuanwu district hengjie in parallel with the gate, Beijing's main street is one of the ancient streets.

South hengjie are over 1,000 years history, was the JinZhongDou liao nanjing and is the main streets.

South hengjie (now divided the south and south of horizontal west tung in liao liao is early to nanjing important marketing door winter street;Jin is XuanHua XuanYao door to door JinZhongDou thoughfare of.As an old man, south hengjie saw the liao, jin, yuan, Ming and qing dynasties's vicissitudes.

South hengjie and derivative several famous bystreet, is a temple hall stacks of numerous areas.The method of tang dynasty: built in the temple, JinDaiJu source temple st Ann temple, a heartbeat NiuJie mosques, jiangnan temple, etc.Guild hall hall, liuyang has south hall, jinan, had hall, shaoxing association...

Liao, jin period, south hengjie are to the imperial city to the east, the main streets.After the yuan dynasty, although the yuan Ming city DaDouCheng and south hengjie once in suburbs to, but because in between the old and new south hengjie, here again became travels the new path between the old city.From the south by the ruyifang bridge to tiger hengjie door, at that time, people go to cut pedestrian a lot out of a lot of that XieJie, such as hornbeam XieJie, waxberry bamboo XieJie etc.

South of the tang dynasty, was built hengjie method has more than 1300 years source temple, Beijing, is the oldest one of the temple.

Tang emperor taizong 1359 zhen to mourn Crusades had killed soldiers JianSi letter here.A.D. 675 years, temple is not built, tang the emperor LiZhi JianSi letter again.Wu zetian was third again after a letter JianSi.Until the 696 years, temple to build, called the 'loyalty temple' Benjamin.

Liao liao way Pope, to decree that nature in salty harmony six of temples, and given a new name bosporus 'infidelity temple,' Benjamin did become emperor incense, and the giant brake saito monk.Gold after destroyed, northern captive badge, father and son, along with two Pope opaque PinFei joab went to the temple, via all attends Beijing will khin GongRen joab in its Pope wives Benjamin inside the temple of infidelity.

MingZhengTong years, emperor letter to reshape of Buddha, the miserable chung tai forehead was renamed as 'happy', still especially given a telling.In qing dynasty, and established JieTan. In this shunzhiFaBi yongzheng emperor rebuilt and given name 'method source temple'.Four years, qianlong emperor qianlong emperor personally, leaving 'the luckily most ancient yanjing temple, origin says Benjamin loyalty' verse, so far, such as book, 'imperial emperor qianlong fahai true source' plaque hung in the Ursa still inside.

Method the source is famous temple, clove is the temple '' the laudatory name flowers, who lived in LuHai left' generic feed ', 'floral tree sea', 'sweet xue' laudatory name.Method source temple experience and repair, so far, inside the temple architecture, statue TianWangDian intact and the millennium coated white pine (pinus bungeana before in front of wen crown, gulou, before the sutra depository leisurely fruit of ancient gingko all grow flourish, tang and past dynasties ancient monument is everywhere.

South of the hutongs derived hengjie in line, thus, it is also the cultural and ideological, here the gathered.

Guild has centered on expedition to try hall, commercial center for business hotel, politics fellowship for center of shi guan three aspects of function.South of the hutongs derived hengjie hall, with a program in a hall, hunan hall, shaoxing hall hall, liuyang had hall hall, zhejiang, jinan, nanhai hall, etc.

Nanhai guild is located in south hengjie at the north of the lanes, has built in light years.During the 1898 reform movement, the modification by kang youwei's live in nanhai guild hall, and seven trees here wrote 'qing emperor book', puts forward 'refuse approximately', 'preparation for war', 'moved', 'reform', etc, advocated a juren, try more than three signature.

Participation of qing dynasty in north half reside tan sitong hall, with kang youwei hutongs liuyang the domicile of a drift apart only.GuanZhu room tan sitong live in the north will live in the house, he called 'the problem MangCangCang zhai'.

In 1912, sun yat-sen hall in guangdong province JingYue who attended brigade, and spoke at the reception.

In 1919, young MAO zedong rate delegation to the petition, live is had in the hall, and held a 'brigade Beijing hunan ZhangJingYao congress all expelled reactionary warlords,' a thousand to attend.In addition, li dazhao, Chen duxiu, CAI yuanpei etc also had leave footprints in the clubhouse.

Shaoxing association is lu xun lived, he live here of seven years and a half long, and on this write short novel 'the diary of a madman'.

South hengjie liao, jin era in the northeast are in the city, when is the most prosperous regions, old many.

According to the 'account: qidan kingdom volunteers liao nanjing' finding a city, north of grand, stores, in which land together.'After JinZhongDou expansion, 'business bazaar BeiYu, especially in east of the divine grace temple near the cross street mantra pavilion for the city, the most prosperous area.'

Ming yongle 14 years, along with the Ming dynasty from nanjing power center to move to Beijing, some southern flavor also came to Beijing.Someone in south hengjie hutongs has founded a roast chicken duck store, start and not an identifier, due to unique flavor, cheap, then 'cheap fang' became a formal name, now has six hundred years.

South hengjie another time-honored is small intestinal Chen.

Halogen small intestine SuZao cook meat from palace snacks.When qianlong ye from jiangsu jiangnan, under the production SuZao meat cooks back to Beijing imperial meals room, then this unique flavor snack soon spread to folk.SuZao meat was cooked to wrestle with a pig of bittern, jingdong Beijing sanhe town business, in order to reduce the cost of pork small intestines, and trial called halogen materials, cook small intestine.To the third generation successor ChenYuTian, the small intestine halogen fat but not greasy, rotten and not bad, halogen cooking fire through and not sticky, small intestinal Chen, excelling at overpass, the city has many place such as the xidan booth, Peking Opera master mei lanfang, as often play through the night scene in small intestine. Cook snack with halogen

South of the west GuiXin zhai 'iron pickles', also a of the old emperor qianlong, founded in qing qianlong reign in xuanwu district, the original mules alive city street hutongs nankou entanglements.That year, 'GuiXin zhai' pickles get palace royal board room recognition, be given 'waist brand' a red hat, white ear a fedora, black jacket with this one, can enter the palace send food.

Here's north half hutongs also have broad and FanZhuang officers, in late qing dynasty more than cultural persons in the party, WengTongHe, zhang zhidong, JinShaoShan, lu xun etc often here deliberative, repast.

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