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Modern Vs Traditional Conservatories

by:Gladman      2020-09-07

Choosing a conservatory is all about personal taste and is often determined by the architecture of your home. However, one of the most fundamental decisions is based around whether you wish to have a traditional or a contemporary conservatory.

Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian conservatories have a classic appeal that for many people still hold a significant sense of attractiveness. More modern, contemporary conservatories offer a different aesthetic and are often simpler and less ornate than the classic styles of conservatory, but have their benefits too.

Mod Cons

First thing's first, there is no difference between the traditional conservatory and the modern one in terms of materials used, energy efficiency or anything else related to mod cons. Both styles of conservatories are increasingly efficient and there is little in the way of difference in technological terms.

For instance, either style of conservatory can take advantage of glazed glass, under-floor heating and anything else you can think of. This leaves it down to the style as the main differentiator for those choosing a conservatory.

Consider the Building

However, this is not the case for the physical product. Certain conservatories will not work with certain types of homes. For instance, a traditional Victorian conservatory may not work with a contemporary home with an inclination towards a more minimalist style.

Similarly, modern conservatories will probably not work with classic-style homes and may look a little lost in the architecture. As we mentioned previously, certain conservatories fit in with particular tastes.

In addition, certain mechanisms will also not work well with certain styles of conservatory. For example, traditional designs will not work well with modern finishings such as bi-folding doors, which are a relatively modern mechanism. So make sure those small touches are still in keeping with the style, French doors would be much better suited.

Other Concerns

One of the other differences between both styles is that the traditional conservatory can sometimes place their traditional shape above the most efficient use of space. For example a 3 facet Victorian conservatory has a traditional shape which it sticks to, even if it's not the best use of space for your property. Modern conservatories are more practical in this manner and are able to offer more room whilst using the same area of building space. This is because the style of many modern conservatories can be tinkered with and they are more inclined to take the modern home and its size concerns into account.

There is no clear cut answer over which is better or which should be your choice. Traditional and modern conservatories both have their own benefits and negatives and it's up to the potential buyer (and the style of their home) to decide which is best suited.

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