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Off-road Vehicles And The Close Relationship Between

by:Gladman      2020-09-04

Many kinds of winch, electrical winch, the vehicle engine mechanical power-driven winch and winch with a hydraulic pump operation, etc., to use off-the largest number of electric winch up. Electric winch from the car itself was the motor drive power to drive the noose of. This winch is very convenient because you can stand in any place through the knob on the remote control. It is the biggest advantage is that as long as the batteries have power, you can use.

Most of the market using the planetary gear winch

Most of the electric winch used to do planetary gear reducer gear.

Planetary gear has the advantage of small size, but produced relatively larger reduction ratio. Moreover, the gear contact points more, longer service life. Winch often needs to be installed in relatively small space, so the smaller the lighter the better. Gear can achieve this requirement, while have a greater reduction ratio, so again ideal.

We describe as succinctly as possible the internal working mechanism winch. First of all automotive batteries power electric motor drive. Drum rotating drive shaft, drive shafts, planetary gears again, produces a strong deceleration. Thus the increase in torque is transferred back to drum, drum, it will be driven noose. Between the motor and reducer file a clutch that can handle through a switch. Within the drum brake unit, when the noose tightened, the drum is automatically locked.

In practice, some aids are essential for safe and smooth when using the electric winch, such as gloves to protect hands safe. In addition, if you want electric winch fixed to a tree, but also a piece of string, hang a u-shaped ears and a tight line pulley. Tape is used to a fixed fulcrum. The ideal length is 1.5-2. O m; u-shaped lug and strap and electric winch hook can connect. So best to prepare several sizes of lug; with two-or three-line, drag to change direction, you need a tight line pulley. Winch control can be divided into three short steps: installation, a fixed pivot and drag.

When the car left the road when they should follow the principle of ecological off-road, that is, to be responsible for their actions. Stuck in the mud with a electric winch to drag the car out, should adopt a tree with nylon to protect the trees as a fixed point; the use of anchors or wheel suddenly idling, should be plowed back off the turf; to avoid leaving the requirements The trails, especially not to drive to the grasslands, river banks, and other ecologically fragile areas; to remember off inside you open a door for each.

At present there are rocks or tree trunks between the rear wheels to cart water shed and get stuck, you need to jack up the roof up and the wheel Xiadian the ramp, so that cars can leave the obstacle, if possible, should rock block to pad; If you must use part of the trunk, you should have been the lodging of death from a nearby tree interception, and not cut standing dead tree, so may destroy the nest tree. Even if the tree is cut down V will also be interfered by the local habitats, so that better use of stones.If the car in a muddy uphill sections in trouble, you can electric winch it to the wheels spinning in vain than the much better and the wheels move air out of the ground radial groove, and the vehicle can not move much.

Do not destroy the human ecology of land is the basic principle and the 'eco off' basis. In theory, should allow the lodging of the dead trees and other ground cover to maintain the status quo, to protect the living creatures in their following. Now do not have enough trees to make each camper with a campfire near the trunk to point, or soon will become bare land. Should bring their own firewood from home, or in the supermarket, can belt a few in pieces, can also be artificial wood substitutes.

Take everything you bring into the band out, do not let people think you are opening later, a private landfill. Some practices are very environmentally friendly, such as the beautiful camp in a pile of empty beer bottles and cans thrown. Eco-off to remember what the reason, the reason is: First, it is everyone's responsibility; Second, use your actions to protect the environment, in which our actions to prevent against cross-country legal terms of leisure activities making.

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