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Ogun And The Power of Making Money

by:Gladman      2020-08-24

Having a difficult time making money? Can't find a job? Are you working two jobs to compensate for the one that you lost? Are you tired, overwhelmed, overburdened with debt and credit card bills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to work with the African deity of iron, known as Ogun.

Some people are reading this article and probably thinking, what the hell does iron have to do with me not having money? Well, that is a really great question. Ogun is the deity who is revered throughout the diaspora. Venerations for Ogun started in the Iron Age around 500 BCE. The adoption of iron tools sparked progressive growth in African communities. Iron tools significantly increased agriculture. Craftsmen and artisans were able to carve pots, pans, masks, and statues. And medicine men had sturdier tools to work with.

Ogun symbolizes fertility and growth. He may not be the patron of agriculture, but he is credited as being the mastermind that made agriculture possible. You don't need to be an inventor, beauty queen, or rocket scientist to attract money, power, and success into your life. Iron is in our blood, and we are each born with gifts and special talents that enable us to earn money.

Bill Gates didn't invent the computer he just created software that revolutionized the technology field. Gates is a man who knew what he wanted, and didn't waste anytime going after his dreams. Many people believe that they can manifest things that are outside of themselves. So they work to manifest someone else's ideas, someone else's plans. People who don't have money, waste a great deal of time, doing what is expected of them, as oppose to doing things that they truly love. People have to take their traits, their talent, and skills, turn them into 'tools' and manifest them into something bigger.

There are a lot of people who believe in pipe dreams. They feel that if they make the necessary sacrifices and offerings that Ogun is going to send them a winning lottery ticket in the mail. They feel like someone is going to just call and offer them their dream job. Ogun doesn't work like that. He is stringent, precise, and a tireless worker. He is a deity who will believe in you, as long as you believe in yourself. You just need to be a visionary and take the necessary steps to make things happen.

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