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Privacy Glass

Privacy Glass


 Privacy Glass


What is Privacy Glass?

Upon installation of your new wrought iron door, the team at Iron Door Services recommends the addition of privacy glass. Privacy glass is glass panelling that is installed into the frames of your new wrought iron door. These panels create privacy that will make you feel more comfortable. Privacy glass typically allows light in through the panels, but prevents people from looking into your space without being invited. The glass panels come in a variety of styles and coatings.


1.Water Cubed

A stylish and highly private brand of privacy glass is water cubec. With water cubic privacy glass panels, a visitor can see some general movement, but will not be able to notice the specifics of what is on the other side of the door in Monmouth County, NJ. Water cubic glass has a traditional look that allows only light through the panels. It is geometrically stylish in that it is assembled with an array of random shapes.

水立方 Water Cubed.jpg


If you are interested in a geometric style like water cubic with the fluid design of rain glass, aquatex is the privacy glass for you! This interesting style contains depressions that are not lined up, creating a geometric style that has a touch of abstract artistry.

银玻 Aquatex.jpg


A stylish and aesthetic choice for privacy glass is rain glass. These glass panels are depressed on one side running up and down. This simulates the appearance of water flowing through the glass, as if it were raining. This style is ideal for someone who is looking to create a fluid appearance in their wrought iron front doors. A passerby may be able to see movement through the glass, but not any specific details of what is going on inside the home.

雨水 Rain Glass.jpg


Sandblasted privacy glass is another style of glass that is warm, welcoming, and a bit more formal in its look. The indentations in sandblasted privacy glass create a more sophisticated and less commercial appearance. The look of sandblasted glass is more on the sheer side, which allows good natural light and maximum privacy.



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