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Gladman Iron Doors Quality Summary Meeting

Gladman Iron Doors Quality Summary Meeting


Enhanced quality awareness

Quality detection is a important work in production management of manufacturing enterprise.

In order to improve the quality of products, enterprises should improve the comprehensive quality and professional quality of employees, constantly strengthen the education and training of employees' quality awareness, and improve their sense of responsibility and mission to work.

Job assignment

We hold a quality meeting every month to summarize and report the degree of completion of work and the condition of quality check. 

We refined our work, assigned members to manage each process, inspect and correct the problems in the production process timely, to ensure the smooth production of products and high quality output.

Setting up a professional QC team last year and Each process has a QC leader, who is responsible for the quality inspection in the production process to ensure that there are no problems before entering the next process. Before packaging, we need to conduct a complete inspection again, and then load the container for shipment.

The manager of each process should make daily production progress report and quality test report.

"Quality first" is not meant as a slogan, but to be implemented in every link, every process and every small task. Only in this way can we build more groups and develop more intensively in the same direction and make management more effective.

Update workshop

Updated our workshop to ensure better quality & good environment for workshop management.




In terms of management, we should constantly follow up and understand the progress of our work, so as to bring about constant communication of ideas and knowledge among employees and adjust our views on the work, so that we can gradually understand the possible bias and misunderstanding. With follow-up, problems can be found and corrected in time.

Any comments on quality management are welcome.

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