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Scholarships Open Doors Leading to France

by:Gladman      2020-09-06

Exchange of ideas, cultural amalgamation, and a global outlook - students choosing foreign countries as a study destination is not new. While the USA, the UK, Canada (till recently) Australia and New Zealand continue to be the educational hotspots for higher education, an initiative by the French and Indian governments, Alliance Francaise and Campus France has opened doors to higher education for Indian students in France as well. Here are we discuss about the Best Scholarships programs offered by the Campus France.

At a ceremony held at the French embassy last week, the French ambassador Jerome Bonnafont awarded scholarships (in collaboration with French companies) to Indian students to study in and discover France. Bonnafont urged the students to view the programme not only as an educational opportunity but also as a means to improve relations between the two countries. The ambassador added that it was important for students to expose themselves to the world and acquire a global perspective.

Some organisations that have offered scholarships to Indian students this year to study in France include the BNP Paribas, Air Liquide, Orange Business Services, Thales, The Neemrana Foundation, The Krishnakriti Foundation and others.

Besides, the Alliance Francaise network too announced scholarships for 12 of its best students, in collaboration with the French embassy. Ranjita Ravi, a student of Engineering and Biotechnology from Bangalore, was one such student who received her scholarship at the embassy.

The CampusFrance scholarship that Ravi won would help her secure an MBA from ESSEC Business School in Paris, to realise her dream of entering the Pharmaceutical Marketing sector. Tanya Koshi from Pune, who got a scholarship to pursue a degree in International Relations in the French capital, hoped that she would get to work with an NGOs after completing her programme. Gurleen Kaur, a graduate in Applied Mathematics from IIT Guwahati, who was also getting ready to pack her bags to France, said that she was aware of her parents' concerns though they supported her too. Kaur felt that her research degree would make her parents proud.

Among the scholarship awardees, Air Liquide was a new entrant in the name and the company viewed it as a unique opportunity to bond with the students.

Other organisations like Orange Business Services and BNB Paribas who have been offering scholarships to the indian students for a couple of years now, also viewed it as an opportunity to build on the brilliance innate in the chosen students

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