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SDL Simulated Divided Lite Doors - a Best Option

by:Gladman      2020-09-06

Having a house on a cliff overlooking the sea or living close to the sea and getting to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset every day is a delight and peaceful experience in its self. Most of us would love to enjoy a holiday at a similar location which rejuvenates both mind and soul. But have you ever thought as to how the houses close to the sea are able to sustain the elements of nature on a daily basis. Well if you are one of those living beside the seashore then you must have experienced the harsh elements of nature and must have taken the necessary precautions. Keeping this harsh weather conditions in mind researchers and manufactures working together have come with durable and long lasting materials like fiberglass to meet your requirements.

Fiberglass entry door is the most sought after doors of today as these doors are good looking, energy efficient, secure, and strong enough to bear harsh weather conditions and are also available in various designs and styles. SDL Simulated Divided Lite Doors is the newest option when looking for French door and Sash doors. These SDL doors provide for better energy efficiency and ensuring to maintain the appearance of a true divided multi-lite door. These Pre-hung doors have been manufactured and designed with excellent craftsmanship in order to retain security, privacy, energy efficiency and leaving your door looking beautiful.

The SDL Simulated Divided Lite Doors series collection comes with a wide range of architectural styles. One can choose from an impressive range of options and colors. They come in 28 standard factory finish colors available in 10 wood grain options so that you do not miss your old beloved wooden doors. The SDL doors and Sidelites incorporate tempered glass for safety and security. Pre-hung doors can be ordered on an individual basis or assembled in full pre-hung jambs.

The SDL doors give a look and feel of traditional and historic divided lite wooden doors, but the ones made from fiberglass material have an exact look but with improved performance and energy efficiency. The doors are available with Simulated Divided Lite Grilles which makes it look like True Divided Lite 'TDL'doors. The grilles are set by placing composite muntin bars on both sides of one double insulated glass panel. These muntin bars are permanently fixed to the glass with special SDL Tape which gives an edge over TDL doors in regards to energy efficiency.

Special doors are also available for houses in harsh weather conditions. These doors are normally tested and approved for use in windstorm and Impact areas which are available in specific designs and materials which can sustain high pressure. The doors are also available in V-Grooved panels, multipoint lock sets and decorative clavos and straps for all those who want their homes to have an antique and rustic look and feel as manufactures ensure that every customer returns satisfied.

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