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Siheyun Winter Days The Fire

by:Gladman      2020-09-12

Before winter, this for winter use of FengWoMei.Now can only think, again can not be implemented, because in my life, has been away from the fire and stove.However, since autumn wind at first glance, days 1 first, I will cool like the in siheyun will think it FengWoMei, the warm spring fire years.

Every year, only to fall door area can always see took a full SLATE of FengWoMei carts in hutongs sell coal ducky.They are outsiders, or Beijing suburb farmer, the FengWoMei mostly private MeiChang production.And buy their FengWoMei, also is the JieMianShang children town, such as barber shops, small business hotel, the grocery store, still have many long-term tenants of the settlers live.

People usually don't sell coal shouts, all pull the car door to walk slowly, stop, no hurry shop not rashness asked 1: 'buy coal? The new guarantee quality.''Last time buy a fever is bad, bad in furnace.' the coreWill someone answer out of the house.If buy, talk about the good price, quantity, sell coal people FengWoMei moved to designated location, yards neat set.

Because the perennial physical labor, sell coal National People's Congress, the physique of a good tactic joints is bulky and strong.They have a special move coal tools, a piece of wood with BaEr FengWoMei neat, put a admire waist, fighting with board side, hands over alvine, such as child tight against the general high FengWoMei angiographic lifted high, until the mandible, at first glance, like selling coal with his hands with mandibular will hilly coal moved up.Deng, Deng, Deng farther, sure -footed, no worry he may fall.Sell coal man's clothes, hand, face always black, do not need to make up, can sing on stage vervet baogong involved.

To master the location specified, how to put FengWoMei very skilled, amateur even forced set, the pile of coal was also shamble, as if just push will collapse with no time.Sell coal people are put FengWoMei superior, place strewn at random have send, somebody else when using, just from outside to inside, ordinal take use of that FengWoMei has been firmly.

Sell coal people very hard, all pull the car full of FengWoMei ZouJieChuanHang.Once, I went out with a garbage, that car, a coal seems just as, damp no bones.When it is raining, watched a car coal to make rain ruined.He is a face of hope to ask me if I want.Look at who sell coal face and get wet clothes, my sympathy arises spontaneously, although they did not need the coal, I still full of promise: all move in here.

Have FengWoMei, also have a cooker.According to the oven prices are different quality stand or fall.The cast iron welding the hoop is inside a can put four standard FengWoMei, shelf is big, heavy and stocky, price in 70 yuan;The outside by the iron welding collar, the framework can put small, a three and lighter, is not looking strong.Living in the old Peking man in siheyun, usually made of cast iron that, so that and durable.Just got to Beijing, the young man started a rent unstable, two in three homes;Second, how many money, no pockets can save a province, generally buy 30 yuan of right-and-left temporary cooker.Save energy, even when moving abandoned, also unconsciously regrettablly.

I first in a relatives shack, then moved to the front door a courtyard.Wife pregnant care, my parents and bigwigs from henan hometown rush through.At that time, I haven't himself bore the stove.All work for a living, early in the morning in a hurry to work until the evening finished work, cooking cooking no idle time, plus a fire, and no young feel winter house how cold.But father to start at the beginning of the first snow, off the train to catch a cold, careless I start still didn't care, in the small yuexiang looked medicine to him take next.Night, for the first time in my hear dad a groan because of sickness.The next day the mother said, the medicine father after eating got a bad headache, and add the house cold, bedding, father can thin body.I at that time at a loss.There happened to be relatives came to visit, entered the room just shout loudly: 'so cold days, unexpectedly has no fire!'Relatives spend 70 yuan to buy the oven and ventilation tube son, and from neighbors borrowed a few blocks FengWoMei, put fire up.I returned home found the room warm, father look also recovered, tightening heart just down.It's so far of my father I still remember, sense of guilt.

Play there, my stove, gets hot from dawn to find the fire is red, sit aluminum pot the mouth vomit a hot spirit son, table and hot food, they strongly felt the infinite love parents.

Father and mother in next April back to hometown.Then in the winter, but I don't use stove, often woke up and found the stove cool ice.Ignite stove has two kinds of methods, one kind is from coal traffickers buy carbon coal in his hand, a dollar together.Carbon coal on the stove will soon ignites, put in furnace core, puts two FengWoMei again, the fire will be reawakened;Still have a kind of method, borrow from neighborhood already burning coal as overture.Winter in siheyun coal stove, everybody was born in my neighborhood, a master home, one is tung ZhangDaJie home.Literacy face thin, easily don't want to speak, uninhibited personality mirrors enthusiasm dong teacher to door, see me in dusty lead carbon coal stove, he said: 'use carbon coal more expensive, need to lead the stove fire when they come to my house in the neighborhood, street let you don't be embarrassed.'ZhangDaJie also very enthusiastic, a hear my house, immediately the stove out for a red coal clip: 'hurry, DaDongTian house can't no MeiLuZi.'The warm smile, burning with fire than warm your heart is.

Time is long, finally found his home, a coal stove always flameout with their not use stove is concerned, another is the cook myself FengWoMei quality to have a problem.Impression, those who took carts in hutongs jumping backwards coal most unreliable traffickers coal.Neighbors said: 'FengWoMei master dong coal and soil by a certain proportion of coal produced, sold coal mixing traffickers soil, water too much, this coal a use time is not long, second in the oven is lousy, a wall, finally extinguished.'

Buy coal WuLiuBaiKuai, if general a need in inferior coal, lest half a winter will have to DuXin.Because worry sell coal people sell coal quality, many experienced person takes this approach, namely to take first QiBaShiKuai FengWoMei, don't make money selling coal, who sent again next time, if buy coal coal person feel good quality of coal, will buy more, along with the last together greatly pay.If coal is bad, then return.But even so, will also have trap, such as the first to buy FengWoMei very well to burn, but when the second mass purchase, only to find that a heap of inferior coal, big shout fall already late yi.This experience I also encountered.

I live in the courtyard, mostly from Beijing, they each have a coal book, take coal book can directly from local coal production company to purchase FengWoMei.Coal quality coal from traffickers wouldn't and coal production company than coal.And to buy coal, one day, the master knock, neighbors dong holding a red book said: 'also sir, you use my coal book to produce the company to buy coal coal!'I use dong the master home coal book bought coal, really very good quality.Coal production company, even if FengWoMei and burn them thoroughly, from stove under out, still intact.So far, I recall of dong teacher rexinchang still be grateful.

In live in siheyun with stove made fire to keep warm, cook, buy FengWoMei, boil water is essential.The old Peking man in siheyun with stove experienced.Have just bought with the coal not immediately, because it was too wet in the glade, need out on a dry, dry, but cannot insolate, easy to make FengWoMei craze.So, from Beijing's autumn winter reserves FengWoMei it for.I live in siheyun introductory is a long corridor along the wall, FengWoMei, put a is hided them up until from nearly two meters high.Seems to be burn down last winter isn't for next year, storage down continued to burn.

Old Peking man mostly good at using a stove, many people use at home is double core son cooker.Come, the whole house burning was very warm.Siheyun is double the backyard Mr. Li household cooking range, and do the processing, in the sitting room, bedroom, guest rooms are equipped with the radiators, post-cooling water connecting conduit, so that the hot water can burn oven through pipes in the radiator, each room flows is very warm.Such facilities, can let the people living in siheyun has a line with modern feeling.

The day is a stove warmth.Heavy snow blocked the road outside, into a house, freezing but warm spring.The window by the wet hot inside the time converge into water trap, like a picture of a flow of painting, make me feel hospitable and unforgettable.

Have the fire in time, is in fact the neighbourhood in siheyun memories that feelings.

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