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Slider With Belt System

Slider With Belt System


Slider With Belt System

We have made hundreds of sets of sliders for our clients, they are popular and satisfying no matter it is made of iron or aluminum . Today we want to introduce you   another kinds of slider door---Slider with belt system. which remained all the good quality of slider, and could also manifest some Irreplaceable quality.

1. What is Slider With belt system?

The slider with belt system is actually an upgrade of the traditional  slider. The traditional slider is generally several large doors. There is no linkage device between the door leaves, and the opening and closing will not operate mutually. After opened up, the  doors leafs overlap.The slider with belt system has 1-2 more doors (or even more) than the traditional slider. Each door leaf is located on a separate track and has a linkage device. In the process of opening and closing one door leafs, other door leaves will slowly open and close together.

2. Advantages of slider with belt system

The main advantage of the slider with belt system is that it will occupies less space and can be widened by adding door leaves.


Because there are many linkaged door leafs, the width of each door is narrow, and the opening and closing of the door leaves are synchronized. No matter how many linkaged door leafs are pushed to one side, only the width of one sliding door is occupied, which will make the space vacated very large.


In addition, the traditional slider has few leaves, and the overall size it limited, so it is not suitable for the wide horizontal hall balcony. The slider with belt system has more door ;leafs, and the overall size range is  wider, which can  applied to all kinds of balcony kitchens, with both lighting and sealing.

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