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Stainless Steel Handrail Add A Stylish Quotient

by:Gladman      2020-08-23

I have just bought a house, which looks like the old English style houses, but is in a devastating condition and needs a complete renovation. Being an interior decorator myself, initially I was in a little bit of dilemma whether to retain the English style of the house and use all heavy wooden furniture for its interior, or to use the new stainless steel components for the same purpose. If I would use the stainless steel components then it would give a complete classy feel to the house which would be completely different than the actual design of the house. So after a lot of deliberation I arrived at a point that I would attain a complete balance between both the English style and the contemporary classy style.

I made use of both the stainless steel components and the wooden furniture. The wooden furniture was mainly used to prepare the furniture like the dining table the sitting area and a huge English chandelier. Whereas the stainless steel components were used for a lot of purposes such as the wrought iron gates, the spiral staircases and the stainless steel handrails etc. Even the cutlery in the house was of stainless steel. The photo frames that were used were a complete mixture of both wooden and stainless steel frames, which were decided according to the era of the photograph. It the photo was of some old personality then the frame used was wooden and if the photo was of the present and young generation then stainless steel frames were used, which gave a value to the entire photo.

Out of the various stainless steel components used in the interior decoration the wrought iron gates and the stainless steel handrails are the most beautiful and stylish. There are many stainless steel manufacturers in the country, but few among them provide a world class product. Since a lot of stainless steel components are used in construction therefore if all the components including the elements like the gates and the handrails, if they all are purchased from the same manufacturer then the customer might get a discount on the entire purchased amount. Generally these manufacturers provide both ready-made and custom made stainless steel products to the customers.

The stainless steel handrails come in different designs and patterns. The customer is free to put forward their choices and patterns of design and get the handrails made accordingly. Don't underestimate the fact that since they are made of stainless steel components they are of poor quality or wouldn't last long. It is a completely wrong conception. Stainless steel components are very long lasting as they don't rust away easily, and are strong as well if purchased from a good manufacturer. The stainless steel components are also available at a much cheaper rate then the wooden or any other component. The wrought iron gates are also very stylish and now a day's is used by almost every household. These gates are very strong and some have hooks on top to stop thieves or dogs from entering the house.

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