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Stop Water and Debris from Blowing Under your

by:Gladman      2020-08-27

Are you looking for a new threshold for your garage door, or maybe you are considering to replace your existing threshold? We can Offer our help to choose what you need and what to look for.

Depending on the age and style of garage door that you have now, you might have a garage door threshold or seal, both are different hardware serving the same purpose.

While both hardware take care of their purpose well, the difference will become apparent when it comes time for changing. Each of these hardware will wear out over the years and begin to show signs of wear and tear.

Do you Have a Garage Door Threshold?

A threshold - Check out any outer door on your home and chances are that you will come across a threshold. The threshold is the metal or wood hardware that runs across the floor.

Some garages will have a threshold in place. Years of driving over your threshold and bad weather can cause them to become warped, damaged and deteriorated. As soon as the metal bends or warps, it could begin to allow dirt and water under your garage door.

Garage Door Seal - Rather than being attached to the garage floor, much like a threshold, a seal is the rubber hardware fastened to the bottom of your garage door. When the door comes down to the closed position, it pushes down on that rubber forms a seal beneath the garage door.

When does a Threshold Require Replacement

A common sign of a bad threshold is dirt and water. If you find water and grime coming in under your garage door, its probably time for a new threshold or seal.

In some cases, repair could be as easy as cleaning off the rubber. Sometimes the vibration of driving your car over the threshold can cause the screws and/or rubber to become loose over the years.

How to Replace a Threshold on Your Garage Door

There are two main factors to take note of when replacing a threshold. Width and thickness. Replacement garage door thresholds come in a selection of different thicknesses, four, 5 and even six inch being pretty typical. The width of course relates to the width of your garage door. Thresholds are typically sold in standard widths and will need to be cut down to fit your own garage door.

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