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  Usually when thinking about installing a new door, a homeowner or builder thinks in traditional terms of vinyl, metal, or wood. However, wrought iron doors are an option which adds timeless class and beauty to the main entrance of a home. According to the style of house and personal preferences, there are many different iron door styles and glass options for front doors available which add curb appeal and a distinct look to welcome guests.

  Typically, some sort of custom privacy glass is recommended for front doors, but there are many different privacy glass options for front doors that can make you feel at ease. Generally speaking, the idea is to let light in without allowing people outside to peer in without invitation. Iron doors are designed to hold glass for entry doors which accomplish such goals, either alone or with additional window coverings inside. There are many modern options available according to the needs of the homeowner and perhaps the location of the house.

Clear Glass 

  Clear glass is a classic exterior choice which allows vision through in both directions, so generally requires window coverings. An advantage to such a design is window coverings are easily replaced to change the colors and textures in the home seasonally. When someone comes to the door, clear glass makes it safe to look out and see who is there before opening the door to provide access to the interior of the home.

Gray Tint 

  Tinted glass is similar to clear, but darker. It's important to remember tint usually provides privacy to the side which is less brightly lit, so window coverings may still be required depending on the location. During the day with plenty of sunshine, the tint will prevent people outside from seeing in, but unless the lawn or porch is well lit, blocks vision from inside while allowing people to see in, so any privacy concerns need to be addressed.

Brown Tint

  Brown tint works much the same as gray tint in the sense of keeping out excess light and glare, but provides a warmer tone which some people find more appropriate for their home. It might also provide a nicer look to the front of the house depending on the colors of the overall design.


  Flemish glass is considered a classic design. It simulates hand blown glass, but without some of the air pockets or bubbles that appear in such craftsmanship. The glass allows light and vision through, although it does distort it a bit preventing unwanted glare on computer or television screens and typically the distortion is enough to see shapes and people without identifying someone specifically. As such, interior window coverings are recommended for such windows unless the house is situated on an especially private lot.

Water Cubic

  Water cubic glass style offers much more privacy inside with extra distortion. Movement can be seen, but otherwise anyone standing outside will not be able discern anything particular about what is behind the door. The look is similar to traditional block windows which allows light but not vision through, except the water cubic has more random shapes than simple blocked squares.


  Rain glass has depressions on one side, aligned up and down, which simulate the appearance of rainwater flowing down the glass, making them ideal decorative glass panels. The glass allows a modicum of privacy, as someone may be able to see movement without knowing what the movement is on the other side.


  Pear window glass has small indentions which disrupt vision through the glass. It allows light to come through, illuminating the front entry hall in the daytime or allowing visitors to recognize someone is home in the evening, providing a warmth of natural light daily for the family who lives in the house and a nice welcome for guests as they arrive after dark.


 Sandblasted glass is similar to the pear style, but with finer indentations for a much more sheer appearance. Sandblasted glass can be more formal than pear, yet also have a less commercial look for a distinguished look which compliments the rest of the front porch and inside the entry hall.


  Aquatex is an interesting glass option which is similar to water cubic, but with each block also incorporating the depressions of a rain style window. However, because the depressions don't line up between the blocks and aren't necessarily all aligned vertically, it doesn't give the appearance of water running down the outside of the window.

Takeaway Points and Considerations

  • ◪ It can be overwhelming to make a final choice between all the beautiful types of glass for exterior doors available, so take the needed time and professional design advice before a final decision.

  • ◪ Consider the location and residential privacy concerns of the home.

  • ◪ Evaluate how much light the area needs to determine specific glass for entry doors.

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