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What is Commercial Door Closer ?

by:Gladman      2020-09-01

You will find about three types of automatic doorway closer available in the market today. Depending on the weight of the door and how we intend use it there is a right style of doorway closer for you to select from. The most common kind may be the spring loaded entrance closer or hinge pin door closer which are perfect for light applications.

Ideal for light weight doors like patio doors that is typically created of lightweight aluminum body with mesh screen covering nearly half of it. This door closer is usually created of aluminum tubing or cylinder with only the push rod exposed while the spring is covered inside. The concept employed is very basic, a spring mechanism pulls the door with a little tension and whenever you open it more tension from the string is developed which pull the door to close when released. The common problem with spring loaded door closer is that the push rod could be very easily bent if not installed correctly or should you open the door too much. Also the piston rod bearing or bushing in the front end which absorbed the linear load wears overtime.

One more type of door closer is the air door closer. They are really similar to their spring loaded cousins with respect to load capability and overall look. It also utilizes the same aluminum tube frame and has a piston rod. The main improvement is that it utilizes pressurized air rather than springs that is produced whenever you open the door compressing the air inside then pulls and close the door when you release it. Also the inner design is slightly different.

Within the spring loaded door closer there is no rubber seal around the piston or it isn't air tight during pneumatic door better, a rubber closure is installed to keep the air from escaping. Without the rubber seal to hold the air pressure or when it's broken will make the unit ineffective.

Furthermore the inner wall of the aluminum cylinder is mirror polished for smooth operation and to extend the life of the rubber seal and also the product itself. Since the air is compressible this form of door closer has the tendency of slamming the door if not properly fine-tuned.

ANY commercial door closer is a mechanical device that principally functions to close a door in a commercial establishment. Aside from providing convenience and comfort to people and clients, such doors act as security measures to help make sure necessary locking will take place as needed.

Commercial establishments need to establish and assure overall security. When you get into a commercial center, you may notice that doors near by themselves and that there is no need to exert effort on your part to facilitate the closing. The businesses note that clients need to feel convenience and comfort while on their premises. Thus automatic commercial door closers have become popular.

ANY commercial door closer is a mechanical device that principally functions to close a door in a commercial establishment. Aside from providing convenience and comfort to people and clients, such doors act as security measures to help make sure necessary locking will take place as needed, or when the doors are intentionally closed by administrators, especially during closing hours.

Through the years, brands have recognized the need to beautify and make such door closer systems aesthetic and appealing. Doing so will help commercial establishments compliment their overall interior themes or designs. Thus, usually do not be surprised to find door closers that do not really look like closers. You might at first think the devices are part of the appealing door design.

Aesthetic categories

In terms of functions, commercial door closers are gathered into two categories, namely Grade 1 and Grade 2. The former is for heavy use, as you move latter is for less strenuous functions. Together are normally found in busy commercial centers, establishments and offices. Building and office administrators should know which closer to put in in a particular door based on traffic volumes.

As for the aesthetic and appealing functions, commercial door closers are grouped also into two groups: the concealed and the surface mounted closers. Of course, it follows that the two types have different uses, classifications and descriptions. Private administrators should be aware of which door category to use and install depending on the overall interior theme.

Concealed and surface mounted

Concealed commercial door closers are those that are installed on doors with the intention of hiding them. There is a clean and almost 'no hardware' appearance to the door. Essentially, the arm of this closer type is intentionally hidden from view to create an impression as if the commercial door closer is not there at all. To facilitate the concealment, that closer is embedded into the bottom and into the top of the door frame. Thus, the door and its frame should be balanced perfectly.

The other type of commercial door closers is the surface mounted commercial door closer. Of the two, this one is the more popular and frequently used. Practically, this one is the opposite of the concealed type in that the closer is apparent and is visible to the eye. There is no effort to make any hiding or concealing. Many users and administrators prefer these commercial door closers because they are easier and more convenient to maintain. If there are any problems that appear, identification as well as remedies can be easily applied and conducted.

Why people are awed by commercial door closers

Clients of commercial and business establishments are flattered and impressed to know that the company is exerting efforts to facilitate convenience and comfort. Some customers think that door closers are easy indications that there is overall security in place at the establishment. First, most of these door closer have special lock in features that can be prompted and immediately used in case of an immediate and urgent need for security.

And lastly, many commercial door closers these days are already beautiful, appealing and ornamental. So, doors will have a more pleasant appearance with the devices installed. Whether you need the concealed and the surface mounted type, you ought to be installing which you think is better and more functional, aside from being aesthetic.

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