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Why don't conscience, products sell well?

by:Gladman      2020-12-23
We Chinese people have a kind of power: product is not in place, but to make the price lower. To do this, many industries have some petty gain is smug, unconsciously, put yourself to put out. In recent years, which has the function of excellent noise insulation broken bridge Windows and doors began to hit the market, because of the quality of the broken bridge Windows and doors have noise insulation, so from a broken bridge profile to hardware accessories and various auxiliary parts will have a higher quality requirements, the production process is complex, the price will naturally a lot higher than ordinary aluminum alloy doors and Windows. When for prices, many dealers said: you of the price of the doors and Windows and other manufacturers of about the same, not competitive, do you have any cheaper broken bridge noise insulation doors and Windows? You ask general small plant to good quality of the product with high price, maybe they really do not to come out, because restricted by equipment, capital and technology. If you want to cheap product will also do not to come out? Directly through subtraction can ah, material thickness, reduction; Profile appearance size, reduced; Friction hinge, from bearing article 50 kg to 20 kg for heat insulation of PVC from nylon yarn of guard against theft window screen from 304 stainless steel material to manganese steel material of the hollow glass from 20 mm to 9 mm hardware fittings from the high quality goods to imitation. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 All this, can save per square metre is controlled yuan. That this so-called 'broken bridge doors and Windows can also call' broken bridge doors and Windows? It not only lost the broken bridge Windows noise insulation, heat preservation and heat insulation function, even the basic safety are not guaranteed, it is the actual quality even than ordinary aluminum alloy doors and Windows, but just because the name is 'broken bridge doors and Windows, so the price is more expensive than ordinary aluminum alloy doors and Windows. The low price product and the meaning of it? In fact, it is the harm of fake and inferior products. When your users with your product, understand the low price to buy is a fake and shoddy products, you are not far from the collapse. Don't forget, window of model steel door from the tide just ten years. Doors and Windows market, now called the broken bridge doors and Windows 300, 500, 800, 1000 is also called the broken bridge Windows and doors, 1800, 2000, also called the broken bridge doors and Windows, even looks about the same, the end user because do not understand the professional knowledge, unable to distinguish good or bad, in order not to hurt, can only choose cheap, so that the product of manufacturer of conscience rather dull sale, and had to lower the quality of products to adapt to the market, it will again be a tragedy. Gladman doors and Windows products include: sliding door, open the door, folding door, hung on the door, pushed away flat door, folding door clamp hand, sun room, heavy sliding door, electric shutter sliding door, PT, PD, door of push-pull window, casement Windows, broken bridge wire netting a casement Windows, etc. Products all adopt the ecological environmental protection of aluminum production and manufacturing, quality assured, and environmentally friendly. In silent heat insulation, USES the high quality of wool top and strip, and the high quality steel hollow glass, broken bridge aluminum, maximize the excellent product wind pressure resistance, uv resistance, airtight, watertight, sound insulation, heat insulation performance, etc. * Gladman Windows sharing is here today, feel good, this article point 'in the' bai ~ * if you have any questions or window shop management problems are welcome. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gladman high-end aluminum doors and Windows in Windows and doors brand, no agency WeChat telephone: 18605024178 sites: gladmanirondoors. com展厅:东部QianPu路斯明区中国福建厦门
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