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About Poly Putty

About Poly Putty


Putty, also known as unsaturated resin putty, is a two-component filling and leveling material composed of a main body ash and a curing agent formed by mixing and grinding unsaturated resin, talc, styrene and other materials.

Basic Features

Compared with traditional putty such as tung oil putty and alkyd putty, putty is a fine ash, with features like easy to scratch, easy to fill, easy to sand, fast drying, strong adhesion, high hardness, and not easy to scratch, good flexibility, heat resistance, resistance to cracking and foaming, short operation period. In various industries, putty has almost replaced other putty.


Basic classification

According to the different performance requirements of different industries, putty can be divided into auto repair putty, factory special putty, furniture putty, gold putty, high-temperature putty, static conductive putty, red ash, fine scraping putty, welding For sewing putty, etc., you can choose the most suitable putty product according to your requirements.

Basic use

It is mainly to fill and modify defects such as pits, shrinkage holes, cracks and small welds of the substrate to meet the level and smoothness of the substrate surface before the topcoat. It is widely used in train manufacturing, ship manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery manufacturing, machine tool machinery and equipment manufacturing, automobile repair, furniture, molds, concrete buildings and various metal products, wood products, glass steel products and other fields that need to be filled and repaired.


1. The surface to be scratched must be cleaned of oil, rust, old paint film, and moisture, and it must be confirmed that it is dry and polished.

2. Mix the main ash and curing agent according to 100:1.53 (by weight) uniformly (consistent color), and use up within the gel time (generally the gel time of putty ranges from 5 minutes to 15 minutes) ), the lower the temperature, the more curing agent is used, but generally it should not be greater than 100:3. There are summer and winter types of putty on the market. Different types of putty are used according to the seasonal temperature.

3. Use a spatula to scrape the adjusted putty coating on the polished primer or the surface of the pre-treated plate. If you need a thick layer of coating, it is best to scrape it to the desired thickness in multiple times. If air bubbles infiltrate during scraping, it must be scraped thoroughly with a scraper to ensure good adhesion. Generally, 0.5 to 1 hour after ash scraping is the best wet grinding time (water-grinding polishing, the paint can be sprayed only after the water vapor is dry). 2 to 3 hours is the best dry grinding time. After polishing, remove the surface dust, and then spray the middle coat, top coat, varnish and other subsequent operations. For high-demand occasions, after the putty is polished, it is necessary to scrape the putty (red ash, eye-filling ash) to fill in the small defects, and then spray the display layer and polish to check the small defects, and then do the follow-up Spraying.


1. It is strictly forbidden to add solvents such as "thina water" to reduce the viscosity of the coating, otherwise it will cause the coating to foam, dent, crack and other phenomena, but you can use the thinner to clean the scraping tool. If you need to reduce the viscosity of the putty, you need to purchase the matching atomic original resin from the manufacturer to adjust it.

2. Cover immediately after use, and it is strictly forbidden to put the used putty into the original container.

3. The putty curing agent is a dangerous chemical. The putty must be stored in a cool place, away from heat sources, avoid sunlight, avoid backlog, collisions, etc.

4. In the process of use, storage and transportation, the relevant national safety regulations should be observed, and the skin and eyes should be prevented from contacting the product or inhaling its vapor. It is best to wear safety goggles and protective gloves.

5. The effective storage period of general putty is six months from the date of production, and the special three-year period. 


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