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Aluminum Bifolder

Aluminum Bifolder


                                                                                                                                                  Drawing for Four Panels on Both Right-angled Side)

As we all know, aluminum is material with pros and cons that do great and bad to our daily use. It is becoming increasingly popular for engineering applications. There are many reasons for this that are outlined in the following sections.

Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium Alloys

When aluminium is exposed to air, a thin oxidized film forms on the surface, protecting the metal from corrosion. When scratched, the layer rapidly reforms retaining the protection. This feature is utilized in construction, buildings and household utensils.

Reflective Surface

Aluminium is an excellent reflector of radiant energy. It reflects more than 80% of visible light, radiation (heat) and electric waves. The purer the metal, the more so. This feature is used for reflecting mirrors, reflectors (stoves, infra-red dryers, lighting), and wave guides. It is also used as an insulating material in buildings and as roofing sheet.

Non Combustible

Aluminium does not burn and so is widely used in buildings, vehicles and in other applications where fire is a potential hazard. Hazardous emissions are not generated when aluminium is exposed to heat.

Easy to Fabricate

Aluminium can be easily fabricated into various forms such as foil, sheets, shapes, rods, tubes and wires. It also displays excellent machinability and plasticity in bending, cutting and drawing. Aluminium is considered to be the best material for complex extrusion to tight tolerances.


Aluminium is approximately 1/3 the weight of iron, steel, copper or brass. This is an advantage in some products and crucial in others.

                                                                                                                                      (Cross-section Illustration of Bifolder)

Based on these advantages, Gladman Iron Doors, a specialist in iron doors and aluminum doors manufacturing, is now doing its new aluminum bifolders besides aluminum sliders.

Aluminum Bifolders

Regular bifolder adopts 1-1/7’’ thick glass, two single glasses and a layer of 18mm vacuum in between. It suits for normal weather condition and is usually adopted as patio door and balcony door. Owing to be designed for interior use, it is labeled with a nice price that is attractive enough to customers. Only one-track design makes the door jamb size be 2*3’’, thinner than other aluminum series. And as for there is the only bifolder suit in our factory, the techs we use are the most advanced and the skills of our men are definitely mature so that the bifolders can be used easily, can slide smoothly, and can be anti-rust enough to resist any kind of bad weather.

Size of Frame: 2-1/5’’*2-3/5’’                                                                                                                                               



Dimensions: Customized

Material: Aluminum

Screen Material: 304# Stainless Steel 

Glass Options: Laminated, Tempered, Low-E, Blue reflective, Grey reflective                                                                                                 (A Drawing for Bifolder with 3 Panels)

Finished Color: GDC-01 Porcelain Grey; GDC-02 Metal Grey; GDC-03 Matte Black; GDC-04 Wood (For Interior series); GDC-05 White (For Interior Series)


Galdman Iron Doors is dedicated to provide door solutions for construction building and remodeling with satisfying quality and veritable performance. Recently, Gladman is promoting its new aluminum bifolders, welcome for quote and any information through website, email or phone 


                                                                                                                                                   (Designs Now Available)



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