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Ambleside Guest House Walkers Safe With Langdale

by:Gladman      2020-08-31

The Old Vicarage is a beautiful Ambleside Guest House conveniently located in Ambleside which is where the Langdale Mountain Rescue Team are also based. This gives the residents that are keen walkers a reassuring piece of mind when they venture out onto the mountains and fells of the Lake District. The service has been in action for many years, even decades. Records date back to 1930 from when people were interviewed about walkers disappearing into the hills and never returning.

In those days of course the service was somewhat limited in comparison to nowadays. The rescuers were predominantly farmers or anyone else that was nearby and had time to help. Understandably the equipment was limited, there are even records of five bar iron gates that were used as stretchers to carry the injured off the mountains.

In the 1950's there was a large increase in the amount of people that were interested in rock climbing and so the sport really took off, which meant the mountain rescue service was an absolute necessity as opposed to just being there to help out occasionally. The amount of call outs increased and were spreading their wings from Langdale to the Ambleside area as well. As the fifties saw an increase in climbers, the sixties saw an increase in the amount of walkers as tourism boomed in the Lakes. However, walkers were not as experienced and this was clear as so many were coming to bother in the hills, getting lost, falling off crags, breaking bones, getting lost, having heart attacks and being struck down with hypothermia.

The Ambleside Guest Houses accommodate many of these walkers and mountaineers and use the town as a base and starting point for their walks. The Old Vicarage, Guest House Ambleside itself is located at the end of Lake Windermere which is at the bottom of the tremendous fells. There are walks for all capabilities, ranging from shorter, lower level walks which are suitable for all abilities to the more serious walks or hikes. Perfect places close to the Ambleside bed and breakfast are Red Screes, Sweden bridge, Pike of Blisco or Great Langdale. Those enjoying gentle lower strolls can also stop off in many of the tearooms and pubs for a much needed touch of refreshment.

Staff at The Old Vicarage only ask that when you head out onto the fells that you are fully equipped for your trip, in good health and that you let them know where you are heading. They also always state that the fells are 'not ours, but ours to look after'.

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