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Want to be a Windows and doors sales skills? See come over

by:Gladman      2020-12-24
Grasp the four communication method, let you become everyone's favorite sales pro! Today and you talk about sales aspects of the topic, when we communicate with customers, as long as you hold the four key, you can become a customer like sales ace! 1 the first key: passion enthusiasm is the 'status' you come in to be able to infect each other, you are the kind of excited, you of that kind of confidence, you feel the kind of use the product, your feeling of that kind of benefit is to be able to show. Do you want to know what mood is the most easy to spread, the most easy to infect humans. Regardless of the other party don't believe you, first of all have to go through your own state can be felt, not rational to judge. Like is also promised to other people for help, some people without sufficient eq, at the end of the day you are to busy to help, but not to please, why? You've been sad face, very serious, finally you don't have to work? But don't appreciate you; The emotional intelligence? Even if I'm late for a while, even if I didn't help much, but thank you also can let the other side, why? A come up that state well, because, my husband will be here soon, 'give me no problem, you trust, this is called state! 2 the second key: call professional specialty is that we in the process of communication with the customer, the customer asked what kind of problems, like experts can answer up, we can tell each other can't see the depth, can't see the point of view, see, this is the experts, is the winner. You can really win each other's hearts, let the other side feel in the path you have certain dependence, later don't understand this time still have to ask you, so you want to show your professional in this respect, can't random individual! 3 the third key: empathy empathy is that you can empathy, to synchronize each other's feeling, you care about each other's mind, you can walk into each other's world, need to get to know each other's problems. And if you have some emotional change, you can frequency with each other, each other happy, you can also frequency happy with each other, each other when it comes to some places, there may be some lost, you can even feel sad mood, learn to use this kind of tone, 'I can understand your mood', 'I know you', 'in particular, I agree with your point of view,' this is the expression of empathy. 4 the fourth key: win-win win-win consciousness is in the process of communication with customers, we don't always say 'how do you' 'you should you should not', it's not right, we will often give me some more 'we', some less 'I' or 'you', because when you mention the 'I' or 'you' when you actually contradiction with each other, so how about 'we', 'I like', 'we'll think of some way to bring up the other problems as you will face the challenges, common when you're such a state, and adhere to the guide of a win-win train of thought, you can make each other standing in the same team with you, and you face the problem together, so just clinchs a deal easier to enter into the link. Gladman doors and Windows products include: sliding door, open the door, folding door, hung on the door, pushed away flat door, folding door clamp hand, sun room, heavy sliding door, electric shutter sliding door, PT, PD, door of push-pull window, casement Windows, broken bridge wire netting a casement Windows, etc. Products all adopt the ecological environmental protection of aluminum production and manufacturing, quality assured, and environmentally friendly. In silent heat insulation, USES the high quality of wool top and strip, and the high quality steel hollow glass, broken bridge aluminum, maximize the excellent product wind pressure resistance, uv resistance, airtight, watertight, sound insulation, heat insulation performance, etc. * Gladman Windows sharing is here today, feel good, this article point 'in the' bai ~ * if you have any questions or window shop management problems are welcome. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gladman high-end aluminum doors and Windows in Windows and doors brand, no agency WeChat telephone: 18605024178 sites: gladmanirondoors. com展厅:东部QianPu路斯明区中国福建厦门
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