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What You Need To Know About Sliding Doors

by:Gladman      2020-09-01

To create more room, as needed with closets and doorways, a tremendous is the sliding door. Two paneled doors that slip past each other are called bypass doors. Broad closets usually feature this type of door.

If bypass doors jam, derail or do not close tightly, the problem is usually in the hardware. Assess the roller brackets before you do anything else. Wiggle the door while holding down one bracket at a time. Movable brackets can be tied down by tightening the screws.

If you cannot determine whether the brackets are loose, remove the doors. Separate the guides first. Unfasten the screws and put them to one side. Hardware stores sell substitutes for any wrecked guides. There are times when bent ones can be saved using pliers.

Next, have a helper grasp the outer door along one of its long edges while you grasp the other edge. As one person, tilt the bottom away from the inner door. Concurrently, press upward. Place the door against a wall.

Use the same process to remove the other door. Don't worry if this doesn't work, because you can try lining the door up with the openings along the track. Tightening screws on loose brackets should be much easier with the door free. There are times when screw openings expand, and these times call for bigger screws.

Turn the procedure around, and you have installation instructions. Once installed, they should be suspended at a level angle. Put the floor guides back in such a way that the doors do not hit each other and glide freely. The overhead track becomes single, and the panels become folded with bifold or accordion doors. Panels are pinned down by roller brackets or short spindles along the channels.

Getting this kind of door off involves taking out the spindles and then pushing up the door on the same side as the pins. Concurrently, push the bottom up from the floor. The spindles need a good cleaning before the door can be reattached. The channel interior should receive equivalent treatments.

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