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Why choose Gladman Iron Doors?

Why choose Gladman Iron Doors?



Team and Made in China

We have 12 years of design and production experience. We not only provide products for domestic real estate projects, but also cover international markets that like this luxurious and modern decoration style, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.


Independent factory

Our head office is in Xiamen, China. Our company has nearly 100 members and has a professional overseas sales department and a domestic production department. The production workers in the factory have undergone professional skills training to ensure quality control.


Professional art designer 

Gladman Iron Doors has a professional art design team and factory , in line with your aesthetic.Simply submit your design via CAD or drafted on paper , and our team will work with you to help you complete the door you designed in the factory. 


Fast workmanship and strict quality supervision

At present,we can produce around 500-800 pcs door per month.New workshop & QC teams give our employees better working environmrnt & give us more faith in quality.The founder of the brand,Lavender,will often go to the factory to supervise the quality of the production of the workers.



Can be customized

We also provide tailor-made services, you can customize your own iron door. In addition to choosing your own unique door design, you can also choose 15 different types of glass & 8 different colors & 24 handles for you to choose from. The overall size of your door design may limit the size of glass you can use, but our professional iron door design engineers will work with you to ensure that your design meets your design is both to your liking and  compatible with the structural requirements of your door.


Variety of products

Our producing team manufactures and installs a wide variety of complementary products, wrought iron entry doors, windows, garage doors, railings, stairs , gates, lights, and fences are included.From hand forged wrought iron doors, access gates, and wine cellar doors to sliders and steel windows & we also added aluminum steel doors & windows from recently years to cover more customer’s demands.


Cheap price

Welcome distributors to cooperate with us to get our lowest price.

Long-term cooperation is based on quality, service and a responsible attitude. Our quality and service will definitely meet your needs.



Not located on the East Coast? no problem! You can still order custom iron doors, no matter where you are, we can transport the door to any place like a portal.

Production Process

Fine work:Cutting material——Making frames( jamb, glass frame, threshold, door leaf) ——Welding& Calcination——Scrolling——Jointing——Polyfoam—— Polishing ——Sandblast& Painting zinc——Adjusting the door


Beautify work:Putty——Hanging the door——Painting matte black primer—— Putty again——Painting black——Varnishing—— Packaging

If you are interested in our iron doors, please contact the following contact information
Lavender Jiang
Manager at Gladman Iron Doors
A601, Building 65, Wanghai Road, Siming District, Xiamen,China
P+86 18605024178



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