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Types of Pull Handles

Types of Pull Handles


 When you are looking for an iron door that suits you, then maybe you can't forget to deal with the small details-door handles. They look like a tiny addition to any room, but your door handles can create the perfect finishing touch for any space you want to decorate. For those interested in an elegant and modern appearance, the handle is unparalleled in design. The best part is that there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, so you always get the ideal look.

Plate-Mounted Pull Handles

  If you’ve checked out pull handles before, you’ve definitely seen styles that come complete with a backplate. These styles present the handle of your choice mounted onto a flat plate, which serves as a sort of backdrop for the pull bar itself. The plate is bolted into the door, providing a secure connection for the attached handle. These plates are often covered with the same finish as the pull handle and, in cases such as iron doors, the door itself to create a complimentary look that’s never anything less than perfect and harmonious. Furthermore, these included plates are excellent for installing a keypad house lock and deadbolt, making this a highly secure option as well as a highly fashionable one.


Pull Handles Mounted on a Rose

  Instead of being mounted to a plate, the pull handle is mounted on a small circular disc referred to as a rose.  A style that’s been common on both knobs and lever handles for years, the rose mounting is small, usually circular or square, and completely covers all of the hardware to give you a sleeker, more refined appearance. This gives a more refined look to the door for those looking for a modern aesthetic. It lends elegance while also covering the hardware with the least amount of metal possible.

Back to Back Mounted Pull Handles

  This is much like the door knob you are more accustomed to. Instead of being mounted to a plate that is mounted on the door, the inner and outer knobs are mounted to each other through a hole.  With both backplate mounting and rose mounting, the handle is still bolted into the door.   It provides a minimalist appearance and is often the choice for entryway door because it seamlessly hides the hardware. Furthermore, because it uses no backing like plates or roses, the appearance is as streamlined as possible and provides the ultimate modern, minimalistic appeal.

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