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About Matte Paint

About Matte Paint


Matte paint

Matte paint is a kind of paint. The difference between matte paint and semi-gloss paint mainly lies in the gloss of the paint film. Generally speaking, the gloss of semi-gloss paint should be between 40-60 (60 degree angle). Matte paint gloss should be below 20 (60 degree angle). After spraying, the semi-gloss paint film is more elegant and the matte paint film is more textured, and the paint surface is softer and a bit foggy.

Paint classification

1. According to the appearance of the coating film, the paint is divided into: varnish, colored paint; matte, flat, high-gloss paint, etc.;

2. Polyurethane paint is generally divided into: high gloss, bright gloss, semi-matte, and matte paint, anad the most popular one is matte paint;

3. Matte paint is mainly made of varnish, mixed with appropriate amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials. Due to the different amount of matting agent, the gloss of the paint film is also different. The gloss of the matte paint film is soft, even thin, flat and smooth, temperature resistant, water resistant, acid and alkali resistant;

4. High-gloss paint is a kind of high-end interior decoration special wall paint, which is specially used to decorate indoor cement walls, masonry, plaster, ceilings, wooden structures and other surfaces;

5. In the decoration process, we try to avoid using high-gloss paint, because any touch will leave marks on the high-gloss paint surface, so try not to use high-gloss paint where the thighs, arms, waist, etc. may touch.

Matte paint classification

Matte lacquer refers to a lacquer with a reduced gloss compared to gloss lacquer, usually divided into semi-matte paint (gloss around 40~60) and full matte paint (gloss less than 30).  The paint can be carefully divided into various sub-degree paints ranging from three to eight sub-grades.

Varnish, as the main component of matte paint, is a synthetic resin. Now it usually refers to a transparent varnish on the surface, made with base materials and additives, without any pigments, and shiny after film formation.


1. As a transparent protective paint, its hardness and abrasion resistance are better than color paint.

2. As a hand-feeling paint, its luminosity and brightness are very good, and it touches good.

The earliest varnish refers to tung oil. At that time, there was no synthetic resin, only clay lacquer, raw lacquer. In many rural areas, tung oil is directly painted on newly made wooden barrels, wooden basins to play a role in waterproofing, protecting, and decorating. At that time, tung oil was widely used. Painters processed the tung oil and used it in many industries such as furniture, construction, and fine arts.


Varnish or clear coating is a type of paint that does not contain coloring substances. The main components are resin and solvent. It is coated on the surface of the object and dried to form a smooth and transparent film. Varnishes are divided into thermosetting varnishes and thermoplastic varnishes. It is used for painting furniture, floors, doors and windows, and automobiles. Pigments can also be added to make enamel, or dyes can be added to make colored varnishes


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