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About Wooden Packaging

About Wooden Packaging


Wooden case is to pack the items so that the items can be protected carefully. Wooden case was originally a packaging product for the transportation and storage. Some items that are easily damaged during transportation and storage are reinforced with wooden case.


Scope of Application

Electronic products, power industry, automobile manufacturing, communication equipment, glass products, furniture and home appliances, handicrafts, fragile items, antique calligraphy and painting, transportation, storage, and various machinery and equipment.



After entering the 21st century, the use of packaging has undergone great changes. The original packaging is traditionally used for protection of goods during transportation and storage, but great changes have taken place on the actual role of wooden cases after the 21st century. The basic rule of modern wooden cases is to continuously improve the performance and the added value of packaging. Special attention should be paid to the role of wooden cases, not only for the safety of goods, but also for beauty, convenience, practice, and the potential value of the product. Wooden case is a product that consumes natural resources. It is requested that wooden cases in 2010 should be green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and resource-saving, and beneficial to the green planet.


Main Features

The characteristics of the wooden case: beautiful, strong and durable, suitable for both domestic and export, and can be produced according to customer requirements. After use, most of them can be recycled, which is conducive to the environmental protection.



1. Wooden cases: suitable for domestic or export packaging of various goods and products, which is economical.

2. Sliding wooden crates: suitable for packaging and transportation of large machinery, microelectronic products or heavy equipment and production lines.

3. Grate box: suitable for domestic packaging and transportation of large plastic parts, cloth or automobile glass.

4. Hoarding box: a new type of packaging that can be reused repeatedly. It is suitable for packaging irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls, stamping parts, and is the best choice for product packaging exported to Europe.

5. Plywood box: suitable for the packaging and transportation of general commodities, the total mass of a single box is generally recommended to not exceed 2 tons.


Plywood Caseuploads/

Plywood case is a kind of wooden box made of wood as the box file and plywood as the box surface. Plywood cases are used in machinery, chemical industry, electronics, hardware and other fields due to the flexibility of packing, the adaptability to the load and the re-usability. It contains a case board and a fastening connecting piece, and the box board forms a packaging box with adjacent box boards perpendicular to each other through the fastening connecting piece. A certain number of steel staple connecting pieces are respectively fixed on the peripheral edge of the outer surface of each box board. The steel staple connectors on the adjacent box plates respectively pass through the long strip holes provided on the angle steel connectors at the vertical junction of the adjacent box plates, and their ends are reversely bent and fixed to make the adjacent box plates vertically fixed connection, and constitute the packing box.


Detachable Case

Detachable wooden case: The hoarding box includes a pallet, a box body, and a lid, which is composed of more than one section of hoarding by stacking; the hoarding is composed of four or six wooden boards and hinges; the hinges are fixed on the corners of two adjacent wooden boards, the lower part of the page body has a hinge foot extending downward and outward, and the hinge foot of the inside is sleeved on the corner of the pallet or the outside of the upper part of the hinge at the corner of the next sections.

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