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Best Bottom Freezer Fridge For Convenience And Performance

by:Gladman      2020-09-09

Despite giving children easier access to popsicles and ice cream, bottom freezer fridges have been growing in popularity. Like any appliance, there is a wide range of features and price ranges to shop in. When you consider those features and compare it with the price, there is always a clear winner for the value and performance combo. This list represents the best bottom freezer fridge and its greatest competition.

Easily at the top of the list is the Samsung RFG297AARS. This fridge has 18.1 cubic feet of usable space and the external water and ice dispensers that most consumers look for. It also has attractive French doors that have proven to be more than a pretty face for your fridge as they make it easier to find and move items around.Though this Samsung has great temperature performance and has been said to run quietly, it isn't the most energy efficient model on the market.

Anyone who has ever thawed meat in the sink or on the counter will appreciate the CoolSelect Pantry which allows you to customize the temperature of a specific drawer to thaw your food, or if plans change, cool it back down in a hurry. It also has Power Freeze and Power Cool technology to quickly drop the temperature by 10 degrees to chill the drinks and dessert you meant to put away hours before dinner. This fridge is more expensive than many, but a great value for the money.

If French doors aren't your thing and you have no need for advanced temperature controls, a great choice at a great price is the Kenmore 7620. This model has a singular door on top and 10.9 cubic feet of space in the fridge and another 4.5 in the freezer. Though you won't be able to drop the temperature on demand, this model has great temperature and energy performance. The shelves are adjustable, so you can customize your 10.9 cubic feet to fit whatever you need to keep cold with ease. It doesn't do as many tricks as other leading models, but it remains a best pick for its value.

Another great bottom freezer unit with a singular top door is the LG LBC22520ST. Available for less than $1,000, this unit gets the job done at a budget-friendly price. The unit runs quietly and efficiently, thanks in part to the two minute door alarm. Though some buyers may find this feature to be a bit of nuisance at first, they are usually the same buyers who find the reduction in their power bill to be worth the two minute wait. It should be noted that those who find it annoying and opt to leave the door open, rather than close it, will find the opposite happening to their bill. The organizers on the doors and adjustable shelves come in handy, especially on those days you do your shopping when you're hungry and buy way more than you intended. The fridge and freezer doors are easily reversible, making this model an easy fit into your current kitchen set-up.

If you have a kid with a sugar habit, it may be better to choose a fridge with a freezer in the top. However, most kids have enough ingenuity to grab a kitchen chair and get the frozen treat they desire. Bottom freezer fridges are more popular than ever and a great choice for those looking to save a little energy, or their back as they search for the cheese they know they put on the bottom shelf somewhere.

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