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Bi-folding Doors are the Strongest Doors On the Market

by:Gladman      2020-09-09

In modern homes the concept of saving space is not new by any means. As the demand for building land increases, so does the demand for living room. Years ago people's homes were not necessarily big but they seemed to be in proportion to the people living in them. Today people are on average over 45cm (18 inches) taller than they were 100 years ago.

Worryingly, the trend of house builders building smaller houses shows no signs of abating. With the housing demands of a growing population, builders have had to resort to clever design to overcome the shortage of building space.

The more cynical amongst us might say that, builders are out to get as much money from a plot of land as possible. Well in truth that is probably the case, after all they do have to show profits and please hungry investors. Having said all this, housing space is at a premium and anything that we can do to increase our living space is always most welcome.

Houses today can have as many windows and doors as desired. In fact the use of PVCu windows and doors and the trend to design neat, smaller profile sections only increases the perception of light and space in your home.

The more progressive double glazing manufactures have developed a wide range of different profiles and colour options on PVCu and composite doors and PVCu windows. One of the most innovative options at the moment is the use the concertina movement of Bi-folding Doors.

Bi-folding doors provide great space saving options and interestingly a superb 'Space Creating' tool. Bi-folding doors made from the latest fire and heat resistant polymers, are available on a wide selection of colours and textures. This variety makes Bi-folding doors as attractive as they are practical.

With home owners beginning to spend more on increasing the size and useable space in their homes instead of moving home, bi-folding doors are steadily replacing patio and French doors as the number one choice for beautifying the back of homes. When closed, bi-folding doors are every bit as secure as previous options and when open they create a bigger opening.

Internally if used carefully bi-folding doors can be used as a way in which extra rooms can be created in your home and then pushed back to reveal the larger original space.

Bi-folding doors are of the moment and perfectly in keeping with the demands of modern living, used correctly and with a bit of consideration installing them will help you get the best out the available living space in your home and keep your family safe.

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