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Bifold Doors of The Past And Present

by:Gladman      2020-09-01

Bifold Doors of the Past

Bifold doors, now known under many different names such as bifolding doors, concertina doors and folding sliding doors, have been around since the 1980s. In the past 30 years a lot has changed in the world of bi-fold doors. You may remember the early bifold doors as being large, heavy and difficult to operate due to their weight and flimsy hardware. You may have experienced the times when they became stuck on their running tracks and sometimes even came off their running tracks, or hinges, altogether. When used externally, the old folding patio doors would leak, let in draughts and were an obvious security risk. The external and flimsy running tracks allowed for the glass door panels to be easily lifted off, and grant access to the property.

Because of these flaws, folding doors of the past were mainly used internally as room dividers.

Bifold Doors of the Present

Of course, if you have seen modern concertina doors you will know that these issues are no longer applicable. The advances in bi-fold technology makes operation of even the largest doors easy and faultless. Sealed bearings, concealed running tracks and high security hinges all allow for this smooth operation, as well as offering greater security and resistance to damage. The new designs also include improved seals and a better fit, allowing increased protection from the elements.

Due to these improvements in the security and durability, bifold doors of the present day are a suitable option for external use, and in most cases even the preferable option thanks to the many aesthetic options and superior functionality. Homeowners and even businesses can enjoy the option of opening up their home or internal spaces to create a larger, more open space.

The range of options available make it easy for anyone to get the bifold door to suit them. Modern and traditional styles are available, with a variety of different glasses to suit different needs. For those who worry about their interiors fading from UV exposure, there is Low-E coated glass, which helps absorb the UV rays and prevent damage. In business situations, it may be vital to have a strong glass that can withstand being knocked. Toughened, tempered glass not only is stronger than standard glass, but if it ever is broken, it shatters into blunt cubes which reduce the risk of accidents, helping to protect your workforce. In business situations where security is the main consideration, laminated glass prevents access through the glass panels as there is an invisible sheet of plastic between the glass panes, which remains a barrier even after the glass has been smashed.

Bifolding doors of the present day are used in homes and businesses, both in existing buildings and new builds.

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