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Different Types of Fencing for your Patio

by:Gladman      2020-08-26

What is Composite Decking?

Composite is a material that is eco-friendly and is cost-effective, as well. Composite decks are a combination of plastic and wood fiber, which is used to create planks. Composite is preferred for deck renovation projects. Composite decking offers you a longer life span than wood decking. As composite has a smooth surface; you will not have a problem with splinters. A lot of composites that are used in deck projects are made of recycled material. It also offers you greater resistance against the elements of nature as well. You have to occasionally, clean it and this helps you in time, energy and money. Composite decking is made of two types of material, hollow and solid composites. The solid composite will give you the feeling of real wood. Since it has a greater mass, you can see expansion and contraction of the product, whenever, there is a change in temperature. Alternatively, the hollow decking looks a little more man made. It has less mass and reacts less to changes in temperature. In general hollow composite decks require more care. Composite decks need to be cleaned with preservatives and anti-fungal chemicals, as this helps to minimize rotting of the material. Moisture also speeds up the process of rotting.

Different Types of Fences and Decks

Wood decks provide security to your house and safeguard it. They also make your garden look, even prettier, as well. Wood fences are of various types. The two popular types of wood fences are picket fences and white classic wood fences. Some wood fences are assembled and are easy to fix and have a warranty, as well. Before fixing the fences, you need to be aware of the zoning rules and anti-fencing regulations, as well. Wood fence kits are available at your local hardware store or you can purchase it directly from the manufacturers, as well. Gazebos are sheltered structures, which were used in the olden days for the purpose of relaxation. Tea parties were also, hosted in gazebos. They are currently used for different purposes in the US as well, as in Europe. Gazebo kits come in a diverse range of types and specifications. Trellis is also, known as lattice fencing and is made of timber. The fence types are of timbre in a lattice form, then framed and capped to form a panel. The trellis fencing panels can be installed in your garden, as well.

Description of Arbors

Arbors are decorative lattice type structures that creepers and vines can climb through and make it look more decorative. They make pleasing stand alone structures, also. Arbors create additional spaces for gardening, as they allow vines and climbers, to grow vertically through the latticework. Hence, arbors are not only beautiful but also functional, as well. Many people usually, build small benches beneath the arbor, as it provides a nice shady area, where they can relax. Sierra fence and lumber installs many types of fences for residential and commercial purposes, chain links, wrought iron gates, vinyl fences, columns in patios and decks, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, decks and arbors, etc.

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