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Disappeared Sunhe

by:Gladman      2020-09-14

A few days ago and found the village passing Sunhe have basically Chai Wan, only trees old trees still stand alone in the ruins with. Shunyi returned from specially stopped in the village, looking at has disappeared, and has existed for years, Sun Village, scenes of past events like a silent documentary emerged out of the same.

My family used to live in the West Shuncheng Andingmen, and Sunhe linked because of then grandma lives here. Because parents are working parents, no time to take care of my diet, so the whole nursery care from the Clock Tower Bay was over, I was sent to the grandmother at home, my first three years of primary school in Sun Village's Creek on the primary.

Sun Village, Sun Xiang, Chaoyang District, are located in eight districts of the northeast, in addition to Sun Village, also includes the reed channel, Sport Camp, and several other villages.

Creek is an old village, historical records, at least in the Jin era existed, and was called the Sun Hou, just change the name is Sun River until the late Qing Dynasty. Asked grandfather of whether a child is really a river village, grandpa was Cui Ge Zhuang secondary school principals, he told me there is a village in the north called the Wenyu river, flows through the Sun Village this period was called the Creek.

Sunhe year, the east next to Jingshun - a not very wide asphalt road leading to Shunyi, when the Creek from the city's bus station only in the Dongzhimen long-distance car ride to the Shunyi, there is a stop sign at the entrance to the village from the station along an east-west road to a village a few minutes.

When I arrived home grandmother still living in the old house in the village yard. It is a small courtyard, facing the South lived in a landlord, we live in the West Wing. Tu Kang was still sleeping in a door of the hall there is a stove, burner stove and kang are interlinked. Used to live in the city, not used when I first came, vats filled with water, square Guotai, round the big iron pot, and everything made me feel very fresh.

Not far out of the courtyard has a water well, which is the deepest the village a well, a large bluestone's Manhole, Le rope on the edge of the well out of the stone of a Road, the wellhead with a wooden shelf to the pulley. Deep, a glance is not in the end, only to fetch water when the impact can hear the water rushing sound of buckets.

There is a temple west of the village, the school on the West Creek Middle School in the temple, I was here on Er Yi Secondary School. The temple was later learned is called the Chong Hing Temple, is the seat of Ming Dynasty architecture. Jingshun East Middle School was moved to new premises, large area several times, there is a big playground. Every year the school sports meet, this is my favorite time activities, as one to open Games with my grandmother and cousins ??will see, more importantly, there are also special in schools sell snacks window have cake, fried cake, and sugar ears, since I do not understand why the school sports meet will be selling fried cake.

I go to school in the village do Sunhe west primary school classroom is the rows of red brick cottage facing south, west in the classroom has a large playground, in addition to several parallel bars, and one that's very popular sports facilities Iron is a very high shelf, a ladder, climbing rope, as well as an iron pipe, every recess, the students gathered in the iron shelves like next ambitions. When the nursery school in the city a lot, so for me the contents of primary school is relatively simple, learning becomes very easy, but also nothing too memorable. 'd Spare time is very colorful, there are not many city kids experience the fun.

Grandparents home in my sophomore Jingshun moved to the east of the new cottage, twenty minutes to go to school here, but much better conditions for new home, into a wooden bed to sleep in the heated kang, cooking has changed the stove, but grandma is still in the yard, take a stove. The most interesting is that in front of our townhouse every family has a small private plots, with my grandmother and cousin picked up a wooden fence around the hospital courtyard planted with vegetables, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. Every summer, a small piece of garden life, to watering the garden became the main task of my cousin. The time when we are lazy, grandmother would say, now you serve it in the future it will reward you.

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