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Five Types of Exterior Houston Doors You Can Purchase

by:Gladman      2020-09-11

The exterior doors that are found in your home are extremely important. They provide the first layer of defense for your home not only against burglars but also against the inclement weather outside. They play a significant role in announcing the character of your abode and in creating a welcoming sight which everybody visiting your residence will immediately see.

Whenever you are building a home or remodeling an old one, choosing the right materials for your external front and back doors is really crucial. You can start making your choice based upon the type of materials being used. In exterior Houston doors, there are five types of material which you can purchase. These include solid wood, iron, wood and wrought iron combo, decorative glass and solid steel.

Among these five types of exterior Houston doors, the most common type that you'll see will be the solid wood doors. Solid wood doors are great choices because they come in many different styles and finishes. Lots of homeowners prefer them for the traditional look that they impart. They are also thicker and will be durable against the harsh weather outside. Plus, they provide better insulation which is rather helpful especially during the colder months.

Iron doors are also heavy-duty set of doors. They are very durable and offer a good decorative flair. You can get them in single or double door types and they often bear typical black or bronze colors.

What stands as a remarkable design is the combination of two materials like wood and wrought iron. Wood and wrought iron doors are usually manufactured with the wood panel acting as the main frame and constituting a quarter-length from the base. The wrought iron part then extends three-quarter lengths upwards and is commonly placed over the glass pane where its distinctive design can be seen.

The decorative glass door is another fantastic option if you are searching for a stylish design. Doors like these are constructed pretty much like the wood and wrought iron doors sans the iron railings. When viewed outside, these doors can look very pretty. But being made from decorative glass, they offer the least security against break-ins. They also perform poorly when it comes to insulating purposes.

Lastly, there are the solid steel doors. Among all the exterior Houston doors, these are the most durable. They won't easily crack or warp and they can last in your home for many, many years. They are also not easily affected by weather and will provide the best insulation for your residence.

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