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Hammer Tribe in The Ironforge Within The Boundaries

by:Gladman      2020-09-13

Ross and his card at the pretty hammer warrior northward, through Tera Gold the door of this in lattice rem baator peak built own kingdom. Pretty hammer in the boom there tribe up, and to rebuild their treasure warehouse. SuoRuiSen and his black iron tribe in the beautiful red ridge mountains (red ridge mountain) build a city (in his own name). Life rich and the passage of time and not eliminate black iron to their tribal hatred, brother SuoRuiSen and his witch lady hogsmeade eidur gudjohnsen to diverge to ironforge and lattice rem baator launched the attack.

Eidur gudjohnsen to face her enemy hogsmeade, she always use their power, will fear into the heart deeply influenced the enemy. As she commands and shadow, the darkness of the objects move from deep underground to emerge, lurking in the pretty hammer in the fortress. Finally, put the gate and hogsmeade eidur gudjohnsen direct attack began final bastion. Pretty hammer the soldiers together, card delos personally stood in an army, struck the mage queen. Eidur gudjohnsen in hogsmeade killed let black iron army in a pretty hammer before the great distance, a great army collapse in to the south of the city but fled to his met from ironforge reinforcements arrived, rem baator army. The rest of the black iron tribal force was flanked on both sides lordaeron.

Dan hogsmeade is a once occupied by Tera Gold dwarf town. Located in connection with the mainland lordaeron khaz modan mainland south of gaza dole bridge, the same Ai mountain wetland. Although towns and cities have and not as before, but the dwarf hard work wants to make its past glory again.

But recent gaza dole bridge the attacks' explosion event makes local people panic, Dan hogsmeade residents are fleeing. Now, of course, bomb plot evil black iron dwarves have completely captured Dan hogsmeade, into its frontier military base in a certain extent, the control gaza dole on both sides of the bridge traffic.

To the north of the hammer with a dwarf with people built a short trade and a great bridge, dole called gaza, in bridge and bridge southern established Dan hogsmeade, here have tavern, furnaces, and some of dwarven underground houses. In the middle of the bridge for the passengers have living room bridge. Now, the black iron dwarves bombed gaza, and half of the bridge dole occupied Dan hogsmeade.

Three hammer of the war, the three (prince to give the leadership of manasseh bronze mustache case accounted for the bronze mustache case accounted, prince card at Ross pretty hammer hammer the leadership of the tribe, mages, and a prince of the leadership of the SuoRuiSen black iron tribe) in the powerful king of the mountains MoDiM AnWeiMa Lawrence's, after the death of control of the scramble for ironforge into a war, the dwarf in violent underground civil war for many years.

A tribal war hammer and returned to their case in rem baator Tera Gold homes. However hogsmeade in the hills the death of eidur gudjohnsen upper pannonia left a full of evil flaws, pretty hammer the tribe's short people found there are no longer suitable for living, they lose their deep love for the home feel very sad. Of the tribe of bronze mustache case accounted for pretty hammer tribe in the ironforge within the boundaries of provides a shelter, but pretty hammer but stubbornly refused to the tribe. Card at Ross took his people came to the north of lordaeron land, in the fertile XinTeLan forest live down, pretty hammer tribe in there YingChao mountain, built and gradually close to the nature, and even with the local griffin became friends.

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